what plugin is this

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    What plugin was used to create this page. have a look

    anyone please let me know


    It doesn’t look like https://benebit.io/en is on WordPress.

    Also, I am afraid we are unable to help you here. These forums are only for questions related to WordPress.com sites.

    You can post the question on self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org) forums for help: https://wordpress.org/support/ if you believe that site is running on WordPress.



    Hi there!

    I am so sorry but you are using the wrong forum center.
    You are on WordPress.com Forums, when you would need to be on WordPress.org forums.

    The difference between WordPress.com forums and WordPress.org can be found here.

    Also, I see that your site is hosted from these registrars:


    You might want to contact their support center and get more information.

    The forum for WordPress.org can be found here.




    @nomadsena – as our volunteers have pointed out, the site you linked to in your question isn’t hosted here on WordPressdotcom, nor does it appear to be using the standalone WP software, so asking at the WP.org forums may not help you either.

    If you need help or theme suggestions for your WordPressdotcom site at test753589897.wordpress.com, we’d be happy to assist.

    To clarify, standalone WP (org) and WordPressdotcom (where we are) are different entities with separate documentation and support forums; more information about the differences can be found here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    @alissonhz Thanks for your help here. Please read the earlier reply given to @nomadsena. Unless your reply brings something substantially different to the discussion, there is no need for further reply. Thanks again for your help in our community forums. Cheers!

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