What price signing in? Assinine policies from the web.

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    After searching for an hour on your site this is the firest opportunity I’ve found to ask anything. Over a week ago I tried to answer a blog on NBC and found myself in this web of horrors called WordPress. I wrote a long question and now I can’t find it. Was it censored out for being critical? Seems noone wants to answer my question as I’ve been contacted by noone. Here is my original email:

    What in the hell is going on? I do not know anything about WordPress nor do I want to. Here’s my story:
    1. I am reading my emails from Bleacher Report about a Notre Dame recruit Jaylon Smith.
    2. It takes me to a story about Smith on an NBC Sports website.
    3. I read the comments and want to respond to one of them.
    4. I must sign-in in order to respond.
    5. I looked at the top and there is no place to sign-in or register.
    6. At the bottom there is a place to log-on. I click on it thinking I could register with NBC Sports and all would be fine.
    7. I get this notice to register with WordPress (NBC powered by…). I go along with it and register.
    8. During the registering process I’m told I need to enter a valid email address while I WAS entering my valid email address. (???)
    9. I’m told that my Username is taken…kennyk…so I add 1229 to it and all is well. LOL
    10. I enter my password and am told that it isn’t strong enough. BUT IT IS THE ONE I WANT TO USE. It should be my choice.
    11. WordPress gives me a password to use. _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_______——-_____—— Now who in the hell would be able to remember that? That is just plain crazy and unacceptable.
    12. And the way I understand it I am to start a blog. I don’t want to start a blog. I merely want to reply to a comment I read while reading the story about Jaylon Smith.
    13. I am going back to see if I can do that (see #12 above).
    14. This is the most assinine policy to sign-in or register for a website I’ve ever encountered. I’ts almost criminal. I am going to do some research to see if it is indeed a scam.
    15. I can’t believe that NBC would use such an archaic system. I will be talking with their people also.
    16. Now I scrolled down to submit this “question” and there is no place to do that. This process gets more bizarre each step. I’m going to try to submit it anyway…somehow.

    Now I add another question and that is why don’t I get a resonse to the above email? I changed the hideous password and can get into your website but can’t find any contact information. I’m saving this question and will post it everywhere that I think there is someone listening. I want out of WordPress and into NBC Sports in order to submit a comment on a blog I was reading. All I wanted to do is submit a comment. That’s all I wanted to do. That’s all. Really. Also I would like to do this without being hijacked by another website. I feel like Alice in Wonderland and can’t get out of this hole.



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