What price signing in? Assinine policies from the web.

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    What in the hell is going on? I do not know anything about WordPress nor do I want to. Here’s my story:
    1. I am reading my emails from Bleacher Report about a Notre Dame recruit Jaylon Smith.
    2. It takes me to a story about Smith on an NBC Sports website.
    3. I read the comments and want to respond to one of them.
    4. I must sign-in in order to respond.
    5. I looked at the top and there is no place to sign-in or register.
    6. At the bottom there is a place to log-on. I click on it thinking I could register with NBC Sports and all would be fine.
    7. I get this notice to register with WordPress (NBC powered by…). I go along with it and register.
    8. During the registering process I’m told I need to enter a valid email address while I WAS entering my valid email address. (???)
    9. I’m told that my Username is taken…kennyk…so I add 1229 to it and all is well. LOL
    10. I enter my password and am told that it isn’t strong enough. BUT IT IS THE ONE I WANT TO USE. It should be my choice.
    11. WordPress gives me a password to use. [redacted for user’s security] Now who in the hell would be able to remember that? That is just plain crazy and unacceptable.
    12. And the way I understand it I am to start a blog. I don’t want to start a blog. I merely want to reply to a comment I read while reading the story about Jaylon Smith.
    13. I am going back to see if I can do that (see #12 above).
    14. This is the most assinine policy to sign-in or register for a website I’ve ever encountered. I’ts almost criminal. I am going to do some research to see if it is indeed a scam.
    15. I can’t believe that NBC would use such an archaic system. I will be talking with their people also.
    16. Now I scrolled down to submit this “question” and there is no place to do that. This process gets more bizarre each step. I’m going to try to submit it anyway…somehow.



    I’m sorry about your frustration with the process of trying to comment. I will pass along your comments to the VIP department, which is our liaison for the NBC Sports blog.


    Thanks for your feedback. NBC Sports controls whether to allow guest commenting or whether a user account is required to comment.

    Additionally I noticed you posted your account’s password in your support request. This isn’t a great idea as it would allow anyone to log into your account, post as you, see your email address, and so forth. In the interest of security and avoiding a compromised account, I have changed your password to something random and sent you a password recovery email which will allow you to reset your password to your choosing. As always, we recommend choosing a strong password that is not easily guessed by hackers looking to steal your account.

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