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What qualifies as mature content?

  1. I was wondering what exactly 'mature content' entails. I'm using my blog as a way to vent and get my thoughts in order. Some of the things I'll be writing about could be considered mature, but if so, do I need to set up a second blog in order to talk about those topics?

    Some of the topics will be related to rape, suicide, depression, PTSD, and other things like that. I'm hoping that if I use this blog in the way I intend to, that it can help others who are going through tough times so that they know they aren't alone.

    What should I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. transgressivecinema

    This is an interesting post. My blog is about horror cinema, and whilst I don't graphically describe individual scenes I do cover mature themes.

    My feeling is that if your writing wouldn't normally be age restricted it's not "mature content", but I could be wrong.

    Good luck with your blog, it seems very worthwhile.

  3. Thanks for your response!

    But my main concern is that I'm planning to use my blog as a way to talk about random things. Some of the topics will be acceptable for all ages (funny anecdotes about friends and such), while some of the others (the ones concerning rape and things like that) won't be. Should I make two separate blogs - one for the everyday things and another for the more serious, adult stuff? I just want to know so that I don't get in trouble with anyone.

  4. Only staff can answer for sure, and they generally don't explain these things in the forum; they'd rather look at a post of yours and say "yes, that's fine or No, that's mature". Dealing with difficult issues that require maturity is not the same as having a Mature blog; a Mature blog is more likely one that features sexual content for titillation, etc. But staff make the call. I doubt yours would be considered Mature unless you like to illustrate it with hentai.

  5. Thanks!

    Do I send them the post in question? How does that work?

  6. Contact them via your Dashboard Help button and send them the link to your post to look it over.

  7. Thanks for your reply!

    I haven't posted anything like that yet. Should I just send them the question and see what they have to say?

  8. Yes. Give them specific examples of things you might talk about. I've been reported as Mature at least four times, and am still not considered so despite occasional nudes and contentious political and religious content.

  9. Okay. Thank you for all your help!

  10. I agree that you need to contact Staff. I do think that reading this support documentation entry may be helpful as well

  11. I just remembered this post that may also be helpful > Blog Promotion: Legal Adult Content Blogs

  12. One suggestion is to create a few posts or pages and then leave them as drafts and give staff the titles of those posts or pages so that they actually have something to look at.

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