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What 's the One Thing You've Learned Today?

  1. "so I would stop cutting myself."

  2. Oh man....I wonder if those are the same people Raincoaster and Ian were talking about from British Columbia? They seemed to be the type to follow jazz bands like that. Well, more correctly they seemed the "groupie" type.

    I've also learned that "Trogdor: The Burninator" is a man.....I mean a dragon man. I've also learned that he burninates the countryside and the peasants.

  3. No, no, no. You're getting your hillbilly and your emo archetypes mixed up.

  4. I learned today that I loathe my current day job.

  5. all of tumblr seems to be down?

  6. Who misses it? Seriously, that's blogging for the braindead as far as I can see. Mind you, I have a Tumblr blog...and no standards at all.

  7. Oh. and I learned today that Valentine's Day is National Impotence Day in the US. Talk about bad timing!

  8. I miss it, when I'm trying to get to a friends blog who blogs there.
    Timethief has a blog there too now.

    The US has a National Impotence Day? I'm not celebrating that. Gosh we have weird holidays. I wonder who invented that one and why.

  9. The Impotence Foundation was set up on Independence day in the US. Now that's a hoot.

    How is one to celebrate both on the same day? I guess that would be the way to do it... as one.

  10. New Enganders who say I will never be a New Englander are right.

  11. The International Space Station is the brightest star in the London evening sky and you can find your next sighting opportunity at <a href=""><b>Human Space Flight</b></a>.

  12. Sheesh kebab. I can never get this old donkey to accept (or should I say, write) code.

  13. diss, you need to keep up. TT's already moved on.

  14. I learned two things that made it very difficult for me to concentrate in our meeting:

    1. The cows at the dairy farm are getting *water beds*
    (the sand they currently sleep on gets mixed in with the manure too often)

    2. Our latest publication is called "Flaming for weed control."
    I was unable to explain why this gave me the giggles--it didn't seem prudent.

  15. One year ago today, I found out that Mark did not find my blogs interesting and that he had banned them from appearing in the top blog listings.

  16. I can get pi$$ed enough to write a 2649 word blog post.

  17. I learned today that another person quit where I work bringing the total to 19 in the last 45 days.

  18. 19 people quit in 45 days?? What kind of a job do you have?

    I learned today that President's Day is this Monday and I haven't made any Myspace comments for it. And that Easter is next month?! Got to start on those too. Eh.

  19. I work as a custom picture framer in an art/craft supply store.

  20. You don't work for Kimprints, do you? I don't know about the East Coast, but out here they sure do seem to go through a lot of staff.

    I have another friend that did that job, too, and he got out of it to be a bouncer at The Odyssey. He said it was much less stressful.

  21. I'm looking to be working in an art gallery/museum setting now. Applying for a new job today! Wish me luck.

    Never heard of Kimprints raincoaster. I work at the Walmart of Craft supply let's say.

  22. What I learned: I have the opportunity to be webmaster for an org.
    What I'd better learn: How to do that.

  23. Jessica, I wish you luck. I just applied at, so wish me luck!

    I learned that there is no limit to the grasping mendacity of some Republicans.

  24. if john gotti sr was alive today he would be untouchable and the rats would be dead like Favara and Constantino Paul Castellano. but the goverment and Judge Leo Glasser sentenced Gotti to life imprisonment without possibility of parole. Judge Glasser fired john gotti sr lawyer Bruce Cutler at gottis 1992 trial and got rid of jurors and with Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano to testify against his boss with the promise of being entered into the Witness Protection Program. On April 2, 1992, after only 13 hours of deliberation, the jury found Gotti guilty on all 13 charges. During the trial, crowds gathered outside the courthouse to lend support to Gotti, and the court was filled with spectators including Peter Gotti, John "Jackie Nose" D'Amico, and celebrities like singer Jay Black and actor Mickey Rourke.

  25. I learned a few months back to never put regular dish soap in the automatic dishwasher. I had told a few at work about the drama, many had said "oh... I did that once..." and laughed and laughed... Others asked "what happens?" and I spilled the story and have been teased ever since. Replies like "oh, I would never do that".


    So, if you've not done it yet, and don't know the results, don't ever try it.

    If you do know the results, feel free to laugh now. I took one pic towards the beginning of the drama, but you will never see it. :)

  26. Ah yes wife has done that on more than one occassion. :)

    Of course, she also put a bit of draino in to a dishwasher to "clear a clog" back in one of our apartments. The damage was unspeakable. The draino soaped up and was about 5 inches high over the entire floor.

    My response was: "you did what?"

  27. kstaff....... more than once?
    oh gosh. more than once? now that is funny!

  28. I learned that a guy who sells kitchen tips books on QVC (Myles Bader) is a spammer. And apparently a well-established-enough spammer that Akismet caught it. And I learned that QVC's poor live chat reps apparently have only canned responses to something like this.

    I have a screenshot from Akismet. I have an emailed transcript of my online live CS chat. I've emailed his site asking not to spam me again but I'll take this higher up on the QVC food chain tomorrow.

    And from everything I've heard about his books, they're printed on very cheap paper and are full of typos.

    Whew! </vent>

  29. lettershometoyou

    I learned not to go looking for my glasses in the dark.


  30. Yikes!

    I learned that it's best to turn your computer off before unplugging it.

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