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What search terms do you get the most?

  1. Mine is "Wizard of Oz" or endless variations or "Wizard" or "Oz"..

    Why? I wrote ONE post mentioning Wizard of Oz ONCE, at Christmas time, and it still gets the most looks!! Who are these sad people?!! I'm starting to hate Wizrd of Oz now!

  2. defrostindoors

    Andreas Helgstrand, biggest or smallest horse in the world, and a disturbing number of people looking for horse mating pix or videos.

    Isn't it aggravating how a handful of posts keep getting all the traffic? My top three posts are almost always the same; just the order changes sometimes.

  3. Pate sucree, ziti (in all forms from Kosher to vegetarian--this one's my post that won't die), Crisco trans fat, easy cake from scratch and, lately, Bernstein Hillary book.

  4. I get hits for timethief for some reason....

  5. @drmike
    You do? How weird ... Why do you think that is?
    Cripes I hope this doesn't mean I have another cyber stalker.
    I know for sure that the first one is still in jail.

  6. "she don't eat meat but she sure likes the bone"

    And no, it's not a post about 90's one-hit wonder Deadeye Dick either.

  7. "Beaver shots"

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  9. I've been getting quite a few for "Alyssa Lies".

    For a while I was getting quite a few hits on searches related to Tumblr.

  10. i had to share ChicaBlog's current list:

    how to clean armpit
    What hair colour suits me quiz
    american idol
    Face Shower Wash lady models
    shaven mons

    It's the last one that really cracks me up, since any shaving posts were definitely NOT about any mons (although Chica's nickname is Mon)

  11. T. M. I.

    I could have lived my whole life without that picture in my head, thank you. I shall forever see her as a cross between Jenna Jameson and Sinnead O'Connor now, and it's all your fault.

    In related news, I get a ton of searches for The Outsiders even though all I have is a picture of the book cover, and a ton for Britney Sex Tape (515 hits yesterday!). Mother would be SO proud.

  12. i aim to please ;)

  13. I worry about people who need to consult Google before cleaning their armpits. I feel relatively sure I've run into them in long lineups at the grocery store, etc...they could use the help. And they're not taking any chances on figuring it out themselves in the meantime, this I know for sure.

  14. Strangely, on my self hosted blog my most popular is Keira Knightley. All because I stole an image once and posted it as an apology for the previous three really crap posts. months later and I still get 4 or five entries in the search stats with 10 - 20 visits from each.

    I am tempted to remove the image just to piss the hotlinkers off.

  15. What, are people leeching your image? Do what raincoaster suggested to me and replace it with something else. ;)

  16. Aye, I might just do that. Yes, people are leeching the image and costing me bandwidth.

    Any suggestions for what I should replace it with?

    I checked this morning and it was a total of 182 hits for Keira Knightley and other spellings yesterday alone.

  17. I'm number 3 on google for romance movies. Don't tell my girlfriend.

    I can't believe I'm above IMDB.

    Top search queries Average top position
    1. vista print 9
    2. facebook 13
    3. vistaprint 10
    4. code project 6
    5. romantic movies 2
    6. gmail lite 7
    7. uninstall ie7 9
    8. paris hilton sex video 29
    9. romance movies 3
    10. firefox memory leak 9
    11. scheduleworld 5
    12. gmail calendar 4
    13. paris hilton new sex tape 5
    14. repair internet explorer 7 7
    15. amazon gift certificate 8
    16. uninstall internet explorer 7 6
    17. google calendar sync 6
    18. vista prints 10
    19. microsoft calendars 8
    20. paris hilton tape 20

    Top search query clicks Average top position
    1. romantic movies 2
    2. romance movies 3
    3. facebook 18
    4. gmail lite 7
    5. gmail blocked 2
    6. engtech 2
    7. romance movie 4
    8. vista print 9
    9. top romance movies 6
    10. monitor sideways 2
    11. access blocked gmail 3
    12. gmail firewall 5
    13. filter keys 6
    14. repair internet explorer 7 7
    15. vistaprint 10
    16. xp screen orientation by rotating the screen by 90 degrees or by 270 degrees 3
    17. paris hilton new sex tape 6
    18. monitor display upside down 2
    19. sexy chick 9
    20. life in the trenches 11

  18. wow.

    It's bad that everything I'm highly rated for is the stuff that deviates from what I think my blog focus is.

  19. Any suggestions for what I should replace it with?

    What I used to suggest was that driving student lady from the first Police Squad movie flipping out the truck driver.

  20. Nice! I'll see if I can find it. :)

  21. something along the lines of hair color.

  22. Well, I couldn't find the one that Dr Mike suggested, but I did replace it:


  23. The flaming finger - great!

  24. Very stylish. Maybe we should start a gallery!

  25. Too small, cornell. 1600 x 1024 at least. You want them to remember you. :)

    I need to pull up my search terms and see what I find. Every so often, I have someone finding me by name. I wonder who it is....

  26. angie?

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  28. Did you ever have a post that even mentioned Wizard of Oz?

  29. ONCE but it was very brief! I've been thinking of making that post private but i fear I won't get as many visitors if i do! LOL

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