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What search terms do you get the most?

  1. I get 'mac desktop wallpapers' and stuff like that for a simgle post made eons ago. It's rather strange.

  2. Mine have turn upside down since they stopped listing my blogs in the Top Blogs and Top Posts and Growing Blogs listings.

    The to search terms are now:

    famous sayings
    famous quotes

    They used to be

    Famous quotes
    famous sayings

  3. naked 12-year-old girls
    12-year-old south african girls naked

  4. It's this post. Found here.

    Not a whole lot you can do on that one as the words are already broken up.

  5. "how to give a good head" remains my popular click and search terms. I believe that sex sells on the net.

  6. That's because you blogged about it. :)


  7. Exactly! And it follows with "head", "good head", "give me a head".

    Weird yet funny.

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