what settings do you use when you’re “ghost writing”

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    Hi, I now have two blogs on wordpress.com.


    I still want my name associated with my original (individual) blog ignorethesquirrels, but need someone else’s name to be publicly associated with my new blog: http://sbtrealdeal.wordpress.com. I’m writing and running it on their behalf.

    The second part to this is that I need the blog to appear on LinkedIn as their blog not mine.

    Thanks for the help. I’ve searched and searched but can’t figure this out.

    The blog I need help with is sbtrealdeal.wordpress.com.


    What you need to do is set up an entirely different account (new) with a different email address and then transfer that blog over to that new account.

    The support pages seem to be down at the moment, but when they come back up, search for “moving a blog” and then look for the link in that support document about transferring a blog from one account to another.



    Ok, thanks, I will do that.


    You’re welcome.

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