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What shall I do to map domains?

  1. What shall I do to map an existing Domain with an site. All descriptions are very unclear to me and it doesn't work properly.

    My Websites are hosted at strato in Germany. My Blog ist "", the domain to be mapped is "".

    What do I have to do on a) the wordpress-site and b) the strato-site?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. For a reason I do not understand it is working now?? Obviously I solved a problem that I did not really understand... something with the DNS...

  3. And now again it doesn't work. And I didn't do anything in the meantime. This is a crazy thing...

    However, I get angry with this bullshit now! :-(

  4. Hi there, it looks like you set up domain forwarding with strato, please note that we don't support this and recommend that you complete the accurate domain mapping steps.

    Please go to your domain registrar's site and log into the control panel. You will need to update the name servers as below:


    Once this is done, please check your Store > Domains page and set your custom domain as primary, then save changes.

  5. Dear Jenia,
    you are right, but within my hosters admin-environment I have to link the domain either to an internal or external target where the data are stored. In this case of course it is the However, there is no such thing at the control panel of my hoster that enables me to update the name server. I think I'll need to contact the hosting company then...


  6. Unfortunately my webhoster do not support the control of nameservers. It seems only possible for subdomains. How do I transfer the mapped but useless domain to another domain?

  7. Ah, that's a shame, sorry about that. I refunded the cost of the $13 Domain Mapping upgrade to your account (note that it may take 1-2 weeks to appear again on your statement) and removed the upgrade. What you may wish to try instead is a Site Redirect upgrade to point the visitor of your site to your custom domain address. Or, you can transfer your domain name to a different registrar that supports changing name servers, and then you'll be able to purchase and configure the domain mapping upgrade again.

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