What should be marked as spam?

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    this isn’t wp.com specific, as much as it is akismet-specific.

    If i’m getting pingbacks from blogscrapers, should i mark the comments as spam? technically, they’re valid pingbacks, from real sites… but the content is identical to the previous pingback. Is this something akismet can learn, or should i just keep deleting the pingbacks?

    first pingpack:

    second pingback:

    (obviously not the most ethical sites in either case, i’m tempted to just spam them both)



    If it’s truely blogscrapers, I’d say yes. I’m assuming that Akismet pays attention to the domains within the spam.



    Personally, I wouldn’t think they are blogscrapers since they’re not displaying the contents of a post/page, instead they’re linking to them.

    See the text the have:

    The list below represents some amazing work by various artists who have made their work available to the general public for a variety of uses. If you use any of the free icons make sure you give proper credit to the creator of the icons.

    I get many of those pingbacks from Ajax tutorials blogs. They are not displaying the whole Rasmus’ 30 second AJAX Tutorial, but linking to it… so I guess that’s acceptable because they’re driving traffic to me blog.



    Yes and No.

    Places like bitacle, sportzia and others are nasty thieving splogs who deserve every obstacle throwing in their way. They should be being caught of course, but that sort of blog – spam them.

    Other sites that ping which could both be legit and do display your link – it’s your choice but I’d leave them be. If it happens a lot then they could cross the line but before then it could be innocent use. It’s a value judgement.

    In case others are attracted to the title, I’ll add this (this is not directed at you adam!).

    Please do not mark people as spam simply because you do not like them, they disagree with you, you want them marked as spammers or for any other non-spam reason. This is abusing Akismet and it does not need you making it’s life harder. (And I’m looking at LOTS of Club Penguin bloggers here……)
    It’s there for spam, not for anything else (and no, your ex-friend is not spam)



    Maybe we need a Spawn of Satan button. :)


    i don’t have a problem with the first post. the second post is scraping the first post (not mine), no link to the OP.

    i’m not worried about my link, as much as the original writer’s link. As noted, I’m getting linked in both articles.
    Also as mark mentions, my concern is that this could be a petty thing (it’s not necessarily my place to check for someone else’s copyright infringement). However, since the content of both pingbacks is identical, with a different URL, it’s something akismet could concievably learn.

    (in which case i’d have to dumpster dive if i wanted to show multiple pingbacks when someone x-posts an entry with a link)



    OH, I get it now. The scrapper is actually the second site and they’re stealing from the source of the first pingback.

    Boy, that is a toughie. if you mark it as spam, you’re saying the first site is a splog as well when it’s not.


    I still have pictures of naked 900+ pound women in my brain. bare with me.


    I still have pictures of naked 900+ pound women in my brain. bare with me.

    glad i missed that one.



    I get it now too. You know, I never saw it that way. I mean, every time I saw identical pingbacks, I never thought of the possibility that “blog B” could be scraping “blog A’s” content.



    Hey, I’m sorry that pinging confused you guys, I’m not a scraper – I’m just trying to provide content a very specific audience and at the same time get a broader reader base.

    I copied the content from nycgraphics because I feel he did a very nice job compiling the list.

    Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

    (I started the blog this week, I’m still figuring out the pinging system as well as the Bloggers code of conduct)

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