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what should I add

  1. As i am a new blogger i was wondering if anyone had any oppinions on what i should add to my blog something that you would like to see

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @growingtogreatness
    Most of these forums on are meant to help folk with the technical aspects of using the software here. We try to keep the forums organized and easy to use so when someone needs to learn how to do something, how to insert a picture or how to make a line break, how to properly use tags and categories, and so on, this would be the place to come.
    I'll move your thread to the "Off Topic" forum where people discuss all sort of things.

  3. hello Fellow Philosopher,

    I'd add the "greatness" you’re referring to -go into it, deeper- and the name of the writer you quoted, out of respect. And also, if you have the courage to show how you have lived to exist, I'd put that in, too. It makes you human.

    Two ideas:
    1. If you haven’t seen it already, rent the film “Life is Beautiful.” It’s a foreign film, directed by Benigni. He also played the lead role and won Best Actor at the Oscars that year (1997). It’s one of the best films of all time, IMO, and in the film, Benigni is living the life you are talking about in your posts -100,000,000,000,000,000%.

    No matter *what* happens to this man, even when he faces life in a concentration camp, he refuses to go on living. Because he *has* to, to save his son. And the way he goes about it is priceless. There’s one scene that is my favorite scene of all films, which says a lot b/c I am a total movie buff.

    2. If you haven’t read it already, get “Walden” by Thoreau. That entire book is about what your last post is. He writes: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Right, they aren't living to greatness.

    ps: Why *are* we here?

  4. im need to watch the movie maybe talk about it in the blog and i could find the writer of the last quote i wrote about. oh and the ps why are we here , i think its to fulfill a purpose that not all of us know just what it is yet.

  5. Hi Growingtogreatness, Good luck with your intervention! I think every day is an oppertunity to discover greatness. Put your heart into it like you have already begun to do. And pictures in blog posts also make it more attractive to readers. :)

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