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What Should I Blog About?

  1. I've been on here now just over a month and while I have somewhat of a following (Me, imagine that.) some people have suggested talking about other topics, I seem to just update people on what my days consisted off (Which is pretty entertaining, nothing says LOL like a case of hemorrhoids.)

    I'm just interested if there's anyone out there that was wants me to write about a specific topic, whether it's a tv show, celebrity, religion, cars, whores, I'll write about anything, if I don't know it, I'll look it up and try and make a decent effort writing about it...

    I'm hoping to expand the variety of my blog so any suggestions welcome!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Be who you are! I'm enjoying your daily life blogs. You have an interesting life. I would never like to bump into you, but you sure know how to live your life :)

  3. I agree, I like reading your blog!

  4. People are always better when they're writing what they want to write. Do it. Nothing's as boring as a blog that just tries to pander to the audience. BORING.

  5. "Nothing's as boring as a blog that just tries to pander to the audience. BORING."

    Right on. I was going to use the word "pathetic." Pandering to the audience is about as low as anyone can get. It's a move of desperation. Use that same desperation and put it in your writing. Funnel it into your own words. I realize you only have good intentions but it's a horrible way to write.

  6. strawberryindigo

    I'm writing whatever nutty thing pops into my brain. I've been collecting these ideas for years and have a lot of them stored up. It's the matter of picking one. I'm going to try a bit of everything and see what happens.. I'm still experimenting and as time goes by my writing will get better, it should. I have faith that whatever my weird site morphs into it will be whatever is meant to be and hopefully I will find an audience who likes my stuff.

  7. Write on.

    So ardpete, it sounded harsh what I said before but it's actually a compliment. :-)
    You have a wealth, a reservoir inside you. Use it.

  8. Haha thanks everyone! No intention of pandering, I'm not a panderer, just wanted to see if anyone wanted to see my crazy twisted thoughts on any subject apart from my own life but hey, if that's what everyone enjoys, why fix something that's not broken :)

  9. write about after life experiences, i like your writing style it would be interesting to see your take on it!

  10. Emily Dickinson lived a small life, but people seem pretty interested in her stuff.

  11. No changes please. It is awesome as it is.

  12. godhistoryandyou

    I read somewhere once, that the most successful blogs are primarily personal, about the author, their thoughts, life, etc. It was either 60% of successful blogs are biographically-oriented, or 60% of the subject matter of a popular blog is biographical/personal.

    So....looks like you're on the right track....

  13. I woke up the other night, some noise outside, and when I flicked on the little flashlight I keep handy by the bedside I saw two red orbs on the other side of the glass door - out on the verandah.


    It was a wild dog, big thing, and it was eating our pet rabbit. The noise was its breaking bones.

    - see, blogging can be anything you ever want to make up

  14. Write about how awesome you are. And how everything you touch turns to golden diapers.

  15. Pete, just stick to what you know and post what interests and amuses you. Like my blog I think yours is more of a niche audience but the readers appreciate what you do.

  16. Write whatcha like... If you fancy some fiction, write some fiction. You could always do what Nicole is doing on her Blog, Positive Wednesday But maybe for you it's Sci-Fi Saturdays, or if it was Anna's Insanity Aquarium It might be, Stab Your Neighbor Sundays

    But you're not Nicole, and you're not Anna... So, write whatcha like, when yah wanta write it

    Good Luck


  17. the history of finger-puppetry is a sadly neglected subject.

  18. becomingcliche

    I actually see this topic as a great writing exercise. Having someone assign a topic and still coming up with something coherent and punchy is much more difficult than coming up with the topic myself.

  19. well yes becomingcliche, every now and then a couple of us (bloggers) who share the same interests have a 3rd party put up an image, any image, and we create something coherent about it - good for traffic too as readers go from site to site and do the judging - no real rules, just no porn or anything gross.

  20. I like the image idea. It hasn't been my experience that it's easier to write from within than it is to get leads. As a reporter, I typically got my stories at about 3pm, got in my car, did interviews, and came back to the newsroom and punched it out by 6pm. When the story is about me, it bubbles up, it surfaces. I have to let it come when it comes. I have to dig. That said, I think what you are saying (becomingcliche) can also be the case, it's also true, and there is a dichotomy.

  21. godhistoryandyou

    @ gigi

    Love that word, 'dichotomy' !

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