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what should I do??

  1. Do you think I should do it?
    Hi my name is Christian, the creator of
    I am currently using the free hosting supplied with and a domain name I bought of . I want to move to because I have been getting a lot comments about the look of the page, I also want the plugins supplied with .org . I write high quality content daily and after a week I am at about 60 page views daily. I am very motivated to continue with this blog until I have absolutely nothing more to write about. Which probably wont happen. I have a pretty good niche and am still trying to find my voice. Some say they like the informal writing style and some don't. I want to get a little bit more formal and clean up the website. All I want is for you to tell me do you think I should wait for the possibility of becoming a VIP on before I can finally add the things I want or do you think I should convert to .org . Note I have no training in things like DNS and FTP but if any of you can suggest good tutorials that would be appreciated. I am till scared to take the plunge into the unknown but also want my blog to be a success thanks for reading tell me what you think!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is better to map the domain to than moving to Private hosting might prove tpo be difficult as you need to do all the administration, and management. And you are getting 60 pageviews which is not enough to go for a VIP blog. You need to have a lot lot lot more page views per day for example like 5k page views or more. vip costs a lot and you need that much traffic. Give the time to stabilize, you have just started, create more content. In my opinion has very good collection of plugins to make a good blog. Also the you has a good range of themes.
    I dont see any cause to move to private hosting at this moment, and and i dont see absolutely any cause to move to VIP blogs.
    Let a year pass and see your traffic trent and the readership. If you have e domain and you have enough budget to map the domain (10$ appx) then i would tell you to map now. I have experienced some fall in traffic after mapping the domain. Previously i have some 150 to 180 page views, now it is 100 or below. Better map it now.

    Probably other volunteers could provide you with a better suggestion .

  3. Unless you're getting over 50,000 views per month, and can afford $600 for setup and $600 per month, forget VIP.

  4. pornstarbabylon

    If someone doesn't like the look of the page, tell them to mind their own business! It's your blog. What you like is what's important.

    Do you know how to self-host and handle everything when it goes wrong? Or do you have the money to pay someone to handle all the technical problems when the site WILL crash? A person should only move to make money. But a person should first have the blog traffic first to even justifying running ads or the more important seeking sponsors. Several thousand hits a day+.

  5. When you say you want plugins, are you saying you want to play with code? Or are you saying "I want certain functions on my blog and as far as I know they're only available via plugins?" Because those are two DIFFERENT things. We have a lot of people saying they want to leave to use All In One SEO, but if you do, the SEO you have is actually LESS than you have by staying here.

  6. Thanks a lot guys I gave it a lot of thought and I am staying. It just seems to overwhelming to me right now. I am new and after the second day I already did the mapping and domain registration. I mainly love the forums here they are great to share things. Thanks a lot!!!

  7. Hmmm ... I published a post on this very same topic Self Hosting: What's Your Hurry?

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