What should replace the apostrophe in my RSS feed?

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    My blog is a link. All my blogs go to iTunes as a podcast. All works except the links that contain an apostrophe. The blog link that contains an apostrophe will not produce a valid RSS feed. What should be the replacement for the apostrophe in my link? My blog is sent to Feedburner and then to iTunes. Here’s my link that contains the apostrophe:

    Blog url: http://firstbaptistfulton.wordpress.com/



    It should work properly. Try editing the link via the HTML editor tab and re-typing the apostrophe.


    I tried re-typing the apostrophe but it still doesn’t populate the podcast through the RSS feed. Any idea on what character(s) should replace the apostrophe? or any other suggestions?



    I’ve replaced the apostrophe with it’s corresponding HTML entity:


    Can you see if this makes iTunes happier?


    Thanks! I’ll try this…..so all I do is put a \ before the apostrophe?



    Hm, my apologies, it looks like that didn’t quite come through as I’d intended – you can find the HTML entity you need to add on this page:

    http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_entities.asp (it starts with &#3)


    well, I replaced the apostrophe with ' and still nothing in iTunes. do I replace the apostrophe on the link or just on the html part? Here’s my new link:



    You should not use special characters in file names if you can help it. If programs like iTunes are unable to interpret the links you’re creating, then I would recommend adjusting the way you name your files. Short names with dashes instead of spaces are better.


    thanks but I’m linking to a secondary source so I don’t control how it’s named.


    Okay, however, keep in mind that file names on the web shouldn’t really have special characters like apostrophes and spaces in them. If you find another source for saving your files with special characters, you may still run into the same problems at iTunes.

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