What Site Links are allowed? Are Anime Drawings “Mature”?

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    Hi Everbody,
    i have a question about mature Stuff and Links.

    So First about Links:
    I want to Link to a Few “Artist” Sites, these Sites Contain no Pronography and its all drawn. They are Anime/Manga etc Arists, which draws them in “Erotically Ways” mostly without showing Parts of the Body without Clothings (Few Exeptions, Maybe 2~3 Artists i know doing it randomly). Or they draw them even only in Funny or Cosplaying Themes (Like Robo Suits etc).

    So the Question is, is it allowed to Link to this Sites when the Content maybe for Ages 16+ (Germany)/ 18+ (for other Country’s). I can give Sampels per Private Messages an Such to Peopel which are old enough, its Art and no Pornography.

    Other Question to this Links is, they are in a Majority of Japanese Site. So i wanted to give Original Site Links and Translated Links (over Googel). Is this allowed, when not waht could i do to not break the rules while i Link on them?

    So on the Topic Mature Stuff, i found no “Real” Information what all is considered as “MATURE”. So im asking you the Community of this Blogger Network, ist Mature only Pornography of living Peopels or is it more? -Like Themes about sex, health etc. -Drawn Figurs? -Romantic Writings?

    Thanks for Help and sorry for the bad English. Im German and wanted to get as many answers as possibel, so i tought i should try to write in English to achive my goal.



    Send a request, with examples if you think it will help, to Support.

    And yes, anime images can certainly be mature.


    I know,

    I will send some examples to the Support. But i think the Support is down till next Monday.

    I don’t know if they are Mature, but under my defination of Mature are they not. I
    t’s not so that the Images futures Boy+Girl/Man+Women Actions. Everyone has another span of where mature starts and where it ends. I hope the Support will solve my matters.

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