What size does a new design need to be?

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    Hi There,

    I have a friend who is a designer and he is going to create a new blog design for me. The problem is that blogging is like speaking another language to me so I have no idea what I need to ask him for.

    Does anyone know what size the header, background, buttons etc need to be.

    Is there a step by step list somewhere explaining how to upload a new design?

    Thanks very much in advance :)

    The blog I need help with is littlemissfoodie.com.


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    At WordPress.COM we have access only to the themes that are available under “Appearance -> Themes.”

    Your friend could modify one of those themes using CSS. You will have to pay for the upgrade.

    If your friend is going to design a whole new theme for you, then you’ll also pay to host your blog somewhere. The software at wordpress.ORG is free. Read this to see the difference between .com and .org:


    Hi There,

    Thanks for your reply. This is all so confusing…

    Maybe I should just hire a professional blog designer to do it?



    I’m curious…why don’t you use a wordpress theme and save yourself some time, money and headaches? (It’s really none of my business though….)

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