what Sort Order is used in the Global Tags now?

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    two of my posts which finally made it to the OpenID Global Cat^H^H^H Tag, written 1 and 4 days ago respectfully are situated between someone other’s post written 2 weeks (14 days!) ago.

    since OpenID is a Diana Chance free tag yet, I wander if anyone is having the same issue or it’s just me?



    I checked out the tag pages and for some reason your posts are being buried … weird … really weird. You’ve definitely got an issue.



    Same here: I’ve got posts a week old that are behind posts several months old on the Global Tag Pages…but those posts belong to the Featured Blog, so I wonder if perhaps there’s a connection there.



    Hmmm … as far as I can recall the way the “featured blog” was chosen only had to do with having the most posts under any given tag. I don’t recall any connection between that and the positioning of posts, which I thought was strictly based on the date/timestamp. Actually, I can’t think of any other appropriate way to list them. It would be good to have staff clarify if this is a strange glitch or … whatever?



    There are a number of heuristics that determine these things. Seems to be working properly. The heuristics are not revealed otherwise more gaming occurs.

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