What specifically do tags do?

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    I’m a little confused as to what exactly tags are for. Say you type in ‘music’ and add that as a tag…is that saying that your blog is about ‘music’ as well as finding other ‘music’ blogs, or is it simply that you want to read about ‘music’?


    This FAQ explains tags and categories, and the difference.




    That article explains the difference between them and how to use them, but does NOT explain what function they perform!

    Does anyone actually know their purpose, and whether there’s any benefit to using them? In regard to bringing readers to your blog, I mean.



    see, tags are like the subject. like if you write about food, you might make a tag that says,”bananas” or something like that. ok, see you later!



    Do Tags have anything to do with search engines finding your site? Can someone tell me why I should use a tag. One of my categories is titled “heat stress” and I listed tags of “sweat”, “hydration”, “sports drinks”, what would that do for my website?



    I have been wondering, too. It appears as if the ‘functionality’ is the tag cloud that indicates in a somewhat different way what your blog is about – once a reader has reached your site.

    For a tag cloud is a way of picking up posts.

    WordPress uses ‘categories’ as a way of tagging HTML pages which can be picked up by search engines. But I think that ‘tags’ are used for ‘internal’ rather than ‘external’ functionality. Am I right?



    If you want Googlejuice, use Categories. I am a total stats whore and can see no advantage whatsoever in using Tags rather than categories for a blog. Several more educated techies have leaned on me to start using tags, but they haven’t been able to justify it, at least not in a way I understand.

    Categories function like Technorati tags and are picked up by Google, so obviously there’s no need to switch if you’re interested in SEO. I’m wondering if somewhere in the future we’ll be given the option of switching our tags to all-local, meaning they will never lead to the global tag pages. But right now, it’s not an option and I don’t see any reason at all to use them.

    Currently you can switch categories to tags, but not the other way around. That’s a big issue. I wouldn’t make the change unless it were easily reversible.



    The tag cloud works with categories: I have it on my blog, and I don’t use any tags at all.



    I am completely lost as to tags, categories, their purpose, their function, and I’m really stumped about how to make them actually SHOW themselves on my posts.



    Currently you can switch categories to tags, but not the other way around.

    No, you can’t do it yourself. But support has a way to do it. When tags first came out, I converted my categories to tags and hated it. So I asked nicely and support put them back to categories.

    I rarely use tags, BTW.



    This is a good read. I was just thinking about tags vs categories the other day and i nearly removed all my categories because I was under the impression the Google search engines pick up tags instead of categories but seems that’s not the case from this thread. I find categories way too cumbersome and if you made the wrong one you’ve got to go back into each of the 200+ blogs and re-do them individually and we dont exactly have the fastest broadband connection here.



    So I type in a bunch of tags. They show up on my editing page. They show up on my blog post. But when I click on one of them and get taken to the WordPress page for that tag, I might find none of my other tags listed there. Or one. Or two. On another WP tag page I’ll find different tags listed. It’s totally inconsistent. Is this a glitch in the design, is it being fixed, or am I doing something wrong?



    Tags are just keywords as in html. Once your blog gets enough substance and keywords (tags) that best describes what your blog is about. The search engines will be able to find it and therefore more people will see it.
    If you look at my blog all of the post have tags the match each one of them.
    My blog is only a few weeks old. I’ve been into website marketing for a long time and I just decided to start blogging to promote http://www.culturallycool.com

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