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what spoofs you have for this april fools day?

  1. what joke, spoofs or foolishness you do when april fools day comes..?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We Muslims don't celebrate April 1st because lie is a curse in our religion . But can you tell me what's the real historical background of this day?

  3. We just play jokes on people on april 1st.

    Even though I do that pretty much every day, anyways.

  4. It's not a celebration... well not for the people being prankstered anyway! (I'm glad I'm out of London, hated April 1st there.)

    Did anyone see what (if anything) the BBC - in the UK - did this year? I've not noticed anything yet. Is anyone here old enough to remember the Spaghetti trees?

  5. phoenixtearsheal

    I remember the purple Lirpa Loof they exhibited as a new breed lol:D

  6. In remember the Spaghetti trees. That was on Tomorrows World wasn't it? :)

  7. You didn't see what the BBC did? BEST EVER.

  8. That's quite funny rain :)

  9. That explains a lot. ;)

  10. Told my best friend that I was pregnant over a text...... Only wish I was there to see her face.
    Also alerted my brother that he'd best go check on his car. Watched him rush out the house still in his PJs only to discover there was nothing wrong with it.
    All that before I even got out of bed.

  11. No way raincoaster - is that a legit BBC page or a photoshop !?!?!?! lol

    I had a genuine article that was coming out on April 1st but I deliberately held it back until April 2nd as I reckoned people wouldn't believe it... There's one of these luxury 'celebrity' cruises happening soon... with shopping channel presenters as the VIP hosts...

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