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What the ???

  1. The changes recently made have left me confused. I no longer know how to manage my site or to even find anything. Why the change? Isn't for the better, just a change. There are enough changes going on in our lives, would be nice to be able to rely on stability!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you wish to rely on stability, the internet is not the place for you.\

    Seriously, change is constant at WordPress and at all other sites who aren't dying. It is annoying, and it is an unending process of learning, but it is a given online.

  3. I'm not sure why there was a modlook tag on this thread? It's not only the internet that is in a state of constant change, that is how life is.

    In fact things have not changed so very much. I can't why the admin bar is mostly now a blank line, why links to whatever one wants to do on are now all accessed via the little gravatar on the top right (inconvenient, yes), and why one has to access things via multiple drop-down menus rather than with tabs…

    It's not the way I'd design things, but as users of a free blogging platform we can only adapt.

  4. @yourefirst
    Do you have a specific question about using your blog with the new admin bar?

  5. I want the option of using the tool bar the way it was. I don't have a "blog menu" button on my admin bar nor do I even know how to make it appear. I have to dig through several clicks simply to post a new entry.

    This is not user friendly for me as the blog manager. If I were a visitor to a site that suddenly "disappeared" a feature I use all the time I would find a new site to use.

    I try to post each day so I would expect to see a notice of such change. Did anyone get one? If so, would you post a link to it so I can learn how to adapt.

    If there is no stability on the Internet it will never mature into a true business proposition and will remain a toy of people simply wishing to monetize the moment.

  6. Please see here as there are excellent illustrations and instructions >

  7. I have to agree with the original post. You've managed to devolve usability. I now have to click-through many more times than before just to make a post. Of course, I won't be moving away from WP any time soon, but it'd be nice to at least beta test it with people who will use it first.

  8. It's not the way I'd design things, but as users of a free blogging platform we can only adapt.

    Right, but as a member of a community, which I'm sure WP wants, I'm sure we can make suggestions. It's not the end of the world, but it's just awful in terms of usability when my amount of clicks go up. Of course, they have a captive audience with me, but what about a new blogger?

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