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What the [explicit]?

  1. Ha, if you were looking for a big ginormous rant on something that's probably not that big a deal, i'm sorry but I have to inform you that there's no ranting here.

    So why did I post this?
    I need some blog comments...
    I have posted some of my photography up there, and I need you to tell me what you think.
    Hey, maybe i'll even check out your blog :)
    Thank you!

  2. WTF? :)

  3. whuttafuk?

  4. Why the fuck?

  5. ... Nice advertising skills?

  6. I know right what the fuck :)

  7. yeah what the fuck i mean this thread is bitchy and shity and crappy

  8. That's why there are at least 4 posterists said WTF...

  9. Oh, make it 5! :p

  10. WHat the shit???

  11. Ugggg.

    Kyle: Your pictures are a good start. The only one that I would frame, though, is the one of the angel (?) statue.

  12. "WTH" & "WTF" :P

  13. OH & please check out my F'en Blog.

  14. after you check out BABA'S blog


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