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What the heck....

  1. Um, I think I've found a bug in the forum software.

    I have an admin link up there.


  2. Its say you are a moderator, shouldn't you have an admin link?

  3. Yea, but last I knew I wasn't a moderator.....


  4. Ah well that is a bug! Either someone pushed the wrong button or they really like you :)

  5. Yeah but it's a conflict of interest as I own a webhosting company.

    Unless Matt and company is cool with it. It's not like I promote it or anything here.


  6. maybe it's because you've posted a lots and have helped many people here ;-)


  7. It's certainly strange to give somebody admin privileges without informing them, or asking whether they're willing to take them on, but then you are an obvious candidate for the role and the wordpress gods often move in mysterious ways ;)

  8. I don't mind doing it. I leave this window open most of the day anyway. It just came as a surprise.

    Must be due to all those spammers I keep reporting. :)


  9. DrMike, you deserve it. I've seen you posting a lot of good information and you have helped me a few times.

  10. ;)

    Thanks for all your help with things.

  11. Does this mean I get a raise?

    How about a way to get my categories in order? :)


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