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what the heck is going on with my editing??

  1. Last night I was trying to edit some pages: cutting and pasting, as well as some html work (page jumps, etc). The page kept bouncing up to the top when I was trying to edit in the middle or lower, so I would keep having to scroll back down to where I was. Then html would disappear -- stuff that I'd put in days ago, and had been working fine. Today, I try to cut and paste using clean text from Word, and it keeps moving from where I paste it, and huge sections of the page disappear. I have to keep closing out of wordpress and reopening to prevent those massive changes from going into effect. What the heck is going on????!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, what browser are you using?

  3. IE 8. I did a malware bytes check and a mcafee check, and they came up clean, so it doesn't appear to be anything on my computer...

  4. I think it's a known issue with IE8 and if my memory serves me right, it can be "solved" by switching to compatibility mode while editing. But I can't find a thread that says so... Anyway, you can always try.

  5. Thanks for the heads-up! I am using it with firefox right now, and it seems to be much calmer!

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