What the hell?!!!!

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    How has this blog got my post?!!!!!


    Here’s my original post –


    Is there any way to prevent this?



    [Link broken so not to give them any added credit – drmike]




    They have simply “scraped” your post and re-posted it. In This thread yesterday nitawriter discovered she was having a similar problem with posts being scraped and re-posted.

    Essentially these sites are Spam Blogs or Splogs, designed specifically to make money – see how the google ads are wrapped around so many of the posts?

    To be honest there’s not a great deal we (yep I’ve had it too) can do to stop it. If it’s on the net it’s scrapable (is that a word??)

    Bitacle was another such service that was successfully taken down. Have a read of the threads from that search for more information.

    This first thing I would do is contact the blog admin and ask for your posts to be removed. Good luck with it, I don’t think you’ll get too far. You could also report them to Google for misuse of the adsense code (I think) and get them removed from the search engine for splogging and link farming.





    What makes me laugh is that they’re not even very good at it!

    Look at this post:


    Adsense is supposed to be “contextual”, meaning that the adverts should be related to the content. That post is about boxing, yet every single advert on the adsense is about web hosting!

    [Link broken yadda….]



    I have news aggregators and entertainment aggregators visiting my site all the time.



    Don’t get frustrated, your site’s way way way better =) I’ve left you a comment to, have a great weekend.




    Some advice from Mark in the other thread:

    On garbage sites that run adsense, there is a small line that says “Ads by Goooooooogle”
    Click it.
    Look at the bottom middle of that page
    “Send Google your thoughts on the ads you just saw”

    Click that.
    Choose a subject
    Advise Google of what you think.

    It’s worth a go and only takes a moment.

    Done. :)


    Thanks for the tips and advice everyone. What an annoyance!

    All the best,




    Links broken so not to give them any credit.

    At least they didn’t take the entire post like the others did.

    Site is at That’s ev1server‘s land. Very prospam and much blocked by other providers. I had my first servers with them and got out after about 11 months. I used to help out in their forums like I do here. See?

    Feel free to send a complaint to abuse ( at ) ev1 ( dot ) net but don’t even expect an autoreply from their abuse desk.


    What if a scraper site is a WordPress blog? Will WP revoke their membership? If so, how do I notify WP?

    I’ve had this before and I notified the owner and he removed my entries. But this new site has no way to contact them.



    If a scraper site is a WordPress site they are effectively DOA. Notify WP via your Feedback on your Dashboard. Wp is pretty proactive about such things.



    Folks – don’t forget that this can only be done if the wordpress blog is on wordpress.com. For self-hosted blogs using the wordpress software there’s very little that wp.com can do about it.



    Totally true, Cornell. But those on WordPress.com will die a quick death (and have). Those on wordpress.org will generally be kilt off by the community we have here, either by the route outlined above or by the “click on the ads and NEVER buy anything” pirates, go Pirates!

    I’ve seen quite a heartening number of these blog scrapers kilt off by bloggers in the past year. It gives one faith.



    Um, there shouldn’t be any scraper sites here at wp.com. We can’t do feed importing.

    Me thinks that insight is getting confused between wp.com and regular wordpress.

    Would love to see a URL.



    Just for reference and since I can’t find the threads, we have another scrapper hitting.


    And, yes, it’s hosted in germany on keymachine



    There’s a whole whack of them at a .info address, I think it’s “xflim.info” or something like that…can’t remember. But they’re taking things off the tag pages, that much I can see. They seem to have subscribed to most of the most popular tags.



    Total surprise. ev1 actually is not hosting the e-z-hosting.net noted up above. I’m in total shock. They may have actually dealt with a spammer. :0

    The *.infos they were giving away a few years back. I think I still have about 400 of them out of about 25k on my own boxes. I let all of my own ones lapse. I never did use them. You can still get them some registars for like 2 bucks.

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