What the hellis RSS?

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    I tried reading it up on wikipedia. I didn’t get it. I tried carefully reading it word by word. Still don’t get it. I tried reading an “RSS feed” and noticed that whatever it is it’s an HTML code look-alike. Still don’t get it and this time I’m even more confused because I don’t see any reason why someone would prefer reading an RSS thing rather than the actual blog.

    RSS is everywhere in the blogging world so I assume it’s a pretty big deal what it is.

    Please explain to me as if you were explaining to a neanderthal.


    The blog I need help with is edictiv.wordpress.com.


    You might find this helpful (RSS in plain English):




    Why I really like RSS:

    You know how you come across a blog you think’s really good, and you want to remember to come back again later from time to time?
    Then you see another one, and feel likewise, and then another?
    You could mark each one as a favorite in your browser.
    But you’d still have to go to each site regularly,
    and not know whether there’s anything new until you get there.

    Alternatively, use a newsreader. Such as reader.google.com — which is free
    and so easy. If you use google mail your existing id and password will work as is.
    Then while logged into Google reader, you simply “subscribe” to the blogs you like.

    Next time you go to reader.google.com, there are all your blog links listed on the left,
    and guess what? They’re highlighted when there’s something new, so you
    don’t have to open those whose entries you’ve already seen.
    The new entries become visible to you right there within the reader,
    although you can still choose to open them directly if you wish.

    Try it, you’ll like it!



    Wow thanks a million guys. I totally get it now. Gonna make a newsreader account right now.


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