What theme do I need?

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    Hi guys,

    Hardcore newbie here. I want to launch an e-commerce website, but I can’t hire a developer/programmer yet since I have a very small budget.

    I have an idea of what I want though, and basically I’d like something very similar to this: http://imgur.com/r1GBDzH

    Is there a premium theme that allow me to have a page like this on my website with all these functions?

    Also, the main page would be quite minimalist, a Call To Action page similar to this : http://vivaco.com/demo/startuply/index-promo.html but fully customizable (background image, buttons/text placement, etc)

    If a theme this complete doesn’t exist, should I take some functionality from theme B into theme A to create my own website?

    Thank you!



    The only way to have an active e-commerce component on a WordPress.com website is to purchase the Business upgrade at $299/year.

    More here: http://store.wordpress.com/plans/business/

    You may want to look at getting paid hosting (not WordPress.com) and then installing the standalone WP software. You can learn more about that here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/




    What’s the difference between WordPress.com Business and WooCommerce? I can’t seem to find an anwser.

    I already have the self-hosted version of WordPress, but that does not solve my problem…

    I’d just like to know what theme(s) or plugins I need to get the results I want.





    I already have the self-hosted version of WordPress, but that does not solve my problem…

    You cannot purchase any WordPress.COM upgrade for a WordPress.ORG install. Are you clear on that?



    Everything makes sense now, thanks a lot!

    Should I hire a developer and build my website without WordPress, or should I ask for a custom theme? Which option is cheaper?



    There are so many good themes out there that I recommend just buying one off the shelf. The new ones are extremely flexible and can be given a custom look. And they’re $75 instead of $2000. Themeforest.com is the best place to look.

    Do not get a free theme: they are full of viruses and malware.

    You should be able to do most of this yourself. Invest twenty five bucks in the book WordPress for Dummies and work your way through it step by step. It’s very good.



    Thanks a lot for the quick response. Will do!

    The thing is, I’ve already checked Themeforest.com and their premium themes. In fact I created this thread to get some help finding the right theme that will allow me to do what I want to do.

    But… I’m kind of confused because since I’m a beginner, I know where to look to find things (Themeforest, mojo themes, e-commerce plugins,…), but I don’t know what things are the best for my case.

    I just don’t have the budget to spend 150$ on a kick-ass theme to finally be stuck because what I would like is not possible without buying another one…

    Sorry if I seem lost, I kind of am.

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