What Themes Are Best For Displaying Graphics?

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    Hi. I’m just getting started on setting up my blog.

    I’m an illustrator and I’d like to include thumbnails and illustrations on my blog, so that it also functions as an online portfolio site.

    Question: Are some of the WordPress.com themes better than others when it comes to adding and displaying graphics/images?

    Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is markarmstrongillustration.wordpress.com.



    Monotone and Duotone are photoblog themes. Many oher themes can make nice photoblogs as well like Hemmingway for example. The maximum image widths are here > http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2009/07/23/maximum-image-width/#more-1239

    You can use the search utility and Feature Filters in your Dashboard to locate themes of interest to you. (A-Z, Popular, Features)
    Dashboard > Appearance > Browse Themes > Feature Filters

    Each theme has a thumbshot and a features summary description. You can browse and when you find one of interest you can click “Preview”. (When you are ready to make your selection you can click “Activate”.)

    Another wordpress.com blogger has published wordpress.com theme reviews you can read. See the Subject Index too as theme-related posts are updated each time a new theme is made available.


    One thing to be mindful of as well is the font that you use. For example, from time to time I preview my blog on another theme; however, changing the font as I do on Tarski (which I think is a great template) by making it black, makes it illegible on certain other themes. Also, quotations come out differently and not as nice. All of which is to say that once you go down a road with a given theme, you can certainly change; however, depending on what you have done with it, it could involve a lot of work to get your posts compatible with your new desired look.

    Good luck!

    John Zimmer



    My sincere thanks to you both, Time Thief and John.

    I’m sure I never would have found the tip site (wpbtips.wordpress.com) in a million years!!

    Must admit, I’m worried about committing to the wrong theme and getting too far along to change course without a big hassle– thanks for confirming that possibility, John, good to know the dangers.

    Cheers, Mark

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