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What time is it?! (what would be the best response to this question?)

  1. Hello everyone,

    My friend invited me and some other people to, yeah wow, an "Adventure time season 4 premiere!" at his house. I know the people that have been invited but not well so I thought I would ask you smart wordy people this simple question. And yes it will help me lots! The question, "What time is it!?" will be asked a lot due to this strange weird show and I thought a good icebreaker between the others and me would be to respond with something whacky! The correct answer would be of course "Aventure time!" but why not put some twists to it?

    Thank you everybody,

    What time is it?!

    (Please say anything but the exact words "Adventure time".)

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  3. But I thought I did. This is an off topic area.

  4. Shut up supportbot.

    There is only one correct answer to this question.

    What TIME IS IT?!


    What TIME IS IT?!


    any dogs in the house? :)

  5. readytochangenow

    @raincoaster - great. That sound will be stuck in my head for hours now.

  6. haha thanks you guys! i love the suggestions!

  7. Aw, man, can't believe I didn't go peanut butter jelly time. nice.

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