What to click into to write a blog?

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    I wrote one blog in WordPress but that was a while ago and I didn’t know anything then as I do know. I keep seeing in the help sections add your blog, register your blog, but am completly lost as getting to the window where you add the text into the small box in the upper right of the window to create the blog. Believe it’s called the text editor.
    Please, can someone help a blogger dummy to find how to get there to that actual blog window (text editer_?). I thought it was on the “Register a blog” window, I did so, registered it thinking to get there, but zip. Now, I have a registered blog that doesn’t exist.
    I’m sorry, but I haven’t a clue. Would you please help?


    The blog I need help with is baldeguy56blog.wordpress.com.



    I’m thinking you may be well served if you use the step by step learn WordPress.com tutorial prepared by Staff.
    See also > getting started > start writing

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