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What to do about email when moving my old site to WordPress?

  1. I'm mapping a domain name I already have ( to the WordPress site I've created (now I have asked for and received the tucows login and pw from the person my organization had been paying to run the website, so I'll be ready to make the transfer, so that the site now mapped to is what will appear when people go to

    But: how can I make sure that the email addresses associated with (there are several) can be moved over to Google or wherever? I don't want new addresses - I want to be able to use the existing addresses, not least because one of them is the email account associated with our Paypal account. We want to cut ties to our old web host completely - don't want to pay for them to host our email if that's what they're doing. From WordPress' instructions about this topic, it seems I have to know who my email host is. I don't, and I'm not sure how I'd find out. I don't mind setting up email hosting with Google but how do I make sure that emails sent to (for instance) will continue to be retrievable by the appropriate person in our organization?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You should be able to use gmail and Google Aps to do what you want - email that matches your domain i.e.

  3. When I go to the Google Apps page, it looks like that's only setting up one single email address. There are three email addresses I need to transition -

    [email redacted]
    [email redacted]
    [email redacted]

  4. ...that would be


    each of them

  5. When I mapped my domains I kept the email with my old host so you have reached the limit of my knowledge - I keep thinking when I read the fine print over at Google Aps they allowed more than one email address - but I will flag this for the staff - maybe one of them can help you

  6. To set up your own email address with the custom domain, please follow the instructions here.

    Google Apps allows you to create multiple email addresses under a domain. Once you completed the instruction above, you can then follow the steps mentioned on this page.

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