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What to do when owner dies

  1. Our owner/administrator has recently died. He represented the Cogswell Family association of which I am a board member. The board wants the ownership transferred to me. How do we do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are referring to this previous (now closed) thread:

    Did you follow the directions there?

    To gain access to the site, we will need a family member to contact us so that we can get proper documentation to turn over the site, which includes a death certificate and proof of power of attorney.

    For more information on the information we need, please contact us via the account recovery form,

    Please note: do not make multiple threads on the same topic. It gets too confusing for staff or volunteers to help you when you post multiple times. If you didn't get satisfaction on your first thread, now closed, then let's stick to this one for a solution.

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  3. I'll also add my sympathy and condolences to what jackiedana expressed in the original thread. It is difficult losing a loved and well respected family member.

    My father died a bit over 2 years ago, and the business necessary to carry on was an added burden to the emotional loss. I'm sorry that your situation remains unresolved. As a volunteer I can only remind you to follow the original instructions from jackiedana, about contacting for transferring the administration of the site in question. If you have difficulties doing so, then this thread is the place to explain or ask for more assistance.

  4. The account recovery form does not handle this matter. I have filled it out and then when submitted. I get this reply: "Your contact email is the same as your account - if you can receive emails you should try the password reset form instead. "----this is not a matter of resetting passwords.

    Here is what I put on the form for extra information.

    "The originator and owner has recently deceased. He started this blog for use of the Cogswell Family Association where he was a board member. I am the present board member the Board wishes to take over the administration of the blog.

    The widow of Bruce Cogswell knows almost nothing about this matter; only that he was active in our association with our web pages and blogs.

    Your instructions do not tell specifically what information we can provide other than the three items listed above. Also not provided is how I will get this information to you. Please advise further."

    However, the form will not let me submit the form and keeps sending me to the reset password page.

    I need further help on how to continue.

  5. I've put another modlook on this thread. Please do not start other threads. This is something staff must address. We volunteers cannot assist with this problem.

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  6. I have also notified staff, but it is the weekend so you will need to be patient as they work through the long list of "modlooks."

  7. Hello,

    First, I'm sorry to hear of your loss and very sorry about the confusion that followed with trying to regain account access.

    Please do complete the form located at -- that will direct this, privately, to our team.

    When filling out the form, though, for the first answer, don't put your own e-mail address or user name (that you're using to contact us), but instead the one for the Family Association's account. The form realizes that you're asking to be contacted at the same address, so that's why it is asking you to go back to the reset form instead.

    You can check the "I don't know my registered email or username" box if you aren't sure of the e-mail or username used by the deceased.

    In this case, for the website at issue, please list .

    Lastly, list your own e-mail address so our response will return to you and include the same "Extra Details" as you had before.

    We'll privately confirm the information needed and how to submit it to us.

    I thank you, sincerely, for your patience through this difficult time. Please do reply here once you've submitted the form so I can personally ensure we can help bring this matter to a close for you and the family.

  8. Thanks for alerting staff as this seems to be a very complex procedure. Although I am a very experienced wbmaster, following WordPress's support system is quite confusing. Thanks for your help.

  9. Form has been sent in, thanks to having finally received specific instructions. Even though I am a very experienced webmaster, the complexity of the WordPress support system left me wondering if any inquiry had been sent and thus the multiple threads.

    Thank you for your help.

  10. On order to claim the account of the deceased person, one must understand that the same information the person with the username account that registered the blog and who was it's sole owner must be provided to Staff.

  11. However, that person, is now deceased and his widows knows nothing about this. Nor do any other members of the association.

  12. Not to worry, as you have provided the specific information required kraftbj will assist you as soon as he can. Please be patient while waiting.

  13. Hi,

    I've replied to your submission, so we can continue the process privately going forward.

    Thanks again for your patience and for our forum volunteers for ensuring that I saw your note.

    Have a great weekend all!

  14. @kraftbj- going forward, it would be massively helpful if there was a Support doc addressing this issue.

  15. Many sites make it very difficult for anyone other than the account holder to access them and that can create problems for your Executor and Beneficiaries unless you plan in advance. I'm pretty sure that most bloggers have not taken steps for the disposition of their digital assets after death. That is what needs to be addressed so people attempting to get control over a deceased person's blog clearly understand why it is that they must provide all the relevant log-in and account details to Staff. I have blogged this more than once.

  16. I am the one originally raising the need. I do have the information needed and am now going back to my board to get exactly what was requested. Thank you all for helping this process. I greatly appreciate the efforts.

    I do think that a protocol for this situation is in order as it will come up again.

  17. I do think that a protocol for this situation is in order as it will come up again.

    I agree with you and once you have control of the blog I strongly suggest that you act take steps for the disposition of that site and all of your digital assets after your death.

  18. @tt, Referring to your answer to me above, thank you for that, tt. However, I believe it is in everyone's interest that there should be an official support doc explaining's policy in such an event so that next of kin or executors have a resource at hand. You'll notice that regrettably "" is not listed among the other services mentioned in the WSJ article.

    Meanwhile, you might consider linking to the information that kraftbj gave here

  19. @justjennifer
    I agree with you regarding the support documentation.

  20. Note to all the regular volunteers: (edit to say, note to everyone…)
    My communication with kraftbj indicates that there will be some more complete documentation and policies for what to do in circumstances like this.

    As it is now, what to do is confusing. The information needed, how to contact staff, and so on is very unclear. Let's hope that this thread will be the inspiration to make things better. But it is the weekend now so, as we advise others, have patience.

  21. @Tess
    Thanks for the update. Bookmarked!

  22. Hello all,

    We've posted a new support doc at:

    I'll add screenshots to it in the near future so the instructions have a visual aid.

    In short, please refer any case like this to that page and thus the Account Recovery Form. There are a handful of variables that go into what the possible options are and what documentation is needed for what cases.

    We'd rather have everyone come to us and let us instruct them on exactly what they need, rather than list more than may be needed (thus possibly having a family who may have just lost a love one to do more work than needed before contacting us) or less than may be needed (thus a family doing some work, contacting us, and having to do more later).

    Thanks all for your patience and understanding. I greatly appreciated the feedback and hope this can help the next family with their loved one's site with less stress or confusion.

  23. @kraftbj
    Thank you. :)

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