What URL do I give to people so I can send them to my blog?

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    Hello When I give the url http://candyfaceonline.wordpress.com to send people to my blog it seems as if they have accses to my dashboard and personal stuff why is that am I giving the wrong url?


    The blog I need help with is candyfaceonline.wordpress.com.



    That’s the correct URL. I just used it and I did not have access to your Admin section. What makes you think that others do have access to it?

    Are you the only official user of the blog? Or have you added other Administrators, Editors, Authors and/or Contributors?

    If you are the only Admin on the blog and have seen any evidence of this “access” to your Admin section, then change your password immediately and do not share it with anyone, or place it where they can find it, or choose one that’s easy to guess.



    The other thing that might confuse new users is if they are registered on WordPress.com themselves they will see _their_ dashboards, etc at the top of all WordPress.com blogs. Get them to look into the menus and make sure thay they are actually seeing your dashboard and not their own.

    (this confused me when I first registered and saw the “My Account”, “My Dashboards”, “New Post” and “Blog Info” menus at the top of someone else’s blog – I though they had left access open!)

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