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What was the dumbest thing you heard today?

  1. My blog is Dummies Of The Year I try and point out dumb things I see in the news or whatever... so what was the dumbest thing you heard today?

  2. that the books for my social and economic development class (which will presumably deal with globalization and consumerism) cost $200

  3. "Then... captain underpants was formed"
    "Harry, this is a law firm"
    "... Is it wrong to wear my underwear on the outside at a law firm?"

  4. "I'd love to oil down that physique, he'd have to close his eyes though"
    "I think he'd still know what you were doing, Leah"

  5. Oh wait, there was a dumber one.
    "I think somethings wrong with my car, when I'm braking the odometer slows doen"

  6. Did you mean "down?"

  7. ah.. er.. no... it was said with an accent.......

  8. @ douglaskev, I am just getting down with intro to sociology and the book was $100 dollars. Great class but no book is worth that.

  9. I heard another one today:
    'okay, bye, have fun with those books"

    "How much fun should I have"

    "Not too much, they're just books"

  10. I was in a conference call for more than 30 minutes… dint speak a word...

  11. What was the dumbest thing you heard today

    oops.. miss took the topic to 'What was the dumbest thing you do today?'
    Well this is another dumb thing i did today

  12. hahhahahhaha i was watching a video;
    i'd supposed everything in it was 'dumb'

    but i diiiiied when the donkey goes " e - e is for pants"

  13. I was at a bus stop here in the city. And a guy came up and asked me if the buses stopped there?

  14. Whilst playing Benchball,
    "Why is everyone throwing the ball at me?"

  15. Me: Guys, Sarah will believe anything!
    Other people: yeah!
    Sarah: NO I WON'T!

    10 minutes later.
    Me: I know right, it's like saying: "Reesa's dad is a pirate."

  16. Brett Favre retiring!! Ha! Yea right.

  17. "Let's all crash the victory party at this place"

    We all left with too little alcohol in our systems.

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