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what was the funniest thing that happened to you today?

  1. GiGi; I love how you are rescuing those poor neglected orphans. It is economical and very heartwarming. It also gives me ideas for I live fairly close to a cemetary and that cemetary is close to a Starbucks! yeah!

  2. You and me, both --rescuing flora and fauna. Some people would consider us "weak" for being sensitive but it's all about strength. Anyway, I would have easily spent $200 if I purchased those plants. And I even got 100 free cherry tomato plants, right nextdoor to the cemetery b/c the people that had a farmstand there couldn't sell them all and just left them on the cemetery's parking lot. People leave some neat, decorative tins in those bins at cemetery's, too. I've got a few. One holds markers, one holds colored pencils, one is a tin that hangs on my wall that I repainted with a gorgeous, deep red Martha Stewart paint from Home Depot. It holds a plant.

    Go to Starbucks and have a coffee and that will give you all the energy you need to pull all the good plants out of the bins/cans/whatever people throw them in.


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