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What was your favourite post this month?

  1. Who cares about authorish? It's fantastic!


    Probably this one, just because I learned something *while* writing it, sorta inadvertently. (:

  3. My favorite is not actually from this month. It was last month however, this is the one I want to share. It talks about some hard times I went through when my 2 year old nephew had cancer. It was written from the heart.

    I am going to come back and read some of these others that are posted here. Look forward to reading! :-)

  4. ahundredthingstodo

    This one made me actually Laugh out Loud. Even though its about something very serious the way this guy writes is hysterical and has a really great voice to it!

  5. I don't know how to do the web address thing, but it looks very impressive. I did a blog called "Dieting Tips" which amuseda dew peopleso that was cheering

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