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What Was Your Most Popular Blog Post In 2008

  1. I was just curious what was wordpresser's most popular blog post in 2008. I guess this would also serve as blog promotion, anyways, here was my most POPULAR BLOG POST OF 2008....

    Obama Staffer Effectively Debunks McCain Ad

  2. When you say most popular, I'm assuming ya mean hits, not comments. That's what I'm going by:

    Safekeep your money in poop-stained underwear

  3. yep, I meant based on hits and that post is mildly disgusting ;P

  4. Yes, it is. And I can't figure out why it was so popular. The thing ended up being linked on all kinds of unimaginable forums. From Craig's List to some sort of NRA, gun thingie. It was surreal.

    Most Popular Numerically: 300+ views in 6 days
    Most Popular Comments: 25 comments in 1 day

  6. 2008 isn't over yet.

    And hey, I commented on that abortion post!

  7. well, I figured with Christmas almost here that people wouldn't be visiting blogs that much, so pretty much your current most popular post will most likely stay that way to the end of the year. Hey, your most popular post?

  8. My most popular one was The tree, the stump and the blackout with an impressive 27 views and a whopping three comments :P


    That post keeps my hits above 50, alone, every single day. It keeps my blog breathing, when I can't write for weeks.

  10. I guess mine would be the riddle I wrote;

    Someone posted the answer in the comments though, so don't scroll down if you wanna guess :)

  11. pornstarbabylon

    My top post, top search, and most active is Coco's nude Playboy pictorial. She's married to rapper Ice-T.

  12. Whoa, I just say the pictures and I can definitely see why it was popular. I think Coco looks classier in those pictures then she does on the red carpet.

  13. lettershometoyou

    Europe's highest-circulation newspaper runs photo of naked 13-year-old girl:

    Read the comments, especially the second-to-last one. Someone trawling for kiddie porn who didn't like what he found sure got pissed off. :-)

  14. "Madness: Trapped in Elevator Car 30"

    148,800 hits since April 15th, 2008

  15. "Piny Fresh Dolls" at 1052 hits.

    If we're including pages as well as posts, then it's "Pixel and Doll Links" at 2739 hits!

    Honorable Mention goes to "The Last Posting of My 2005 Dolls". It only got 47 hits this year and there's at least posts that have more hit, but if Akismet is to be believed it's highly popular with the spammers. :(

  16. Hey, I remember I stumbled upon that blog post a while ago, I have no interest in dolls, yet I found the post quite enjoyable and interesting :)

  17. What else than a post on Sarah Palin as McCain's VP?

  18. aw1923 said:
    "Hey, I remember I stumbled upon that blog post a while ago, I have no interest in dolls, yet I found the post quite enjoyable and interesting :) "

    Thank you!

  19. My little powem about Anne Frank "The chestnut tree" has always been a favourite-I had a most uncanny feeling that little Anne was right behind me looking over my shoulder as I wrote it-but it scarcely did anything, until about a month ago she started picking up scores of hits each day and zoomed up into my top post for hits. still going strong to and has pushed Yack into the 100s a day bracket [as many as Sultzy gets, I think]

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