What will I see when my DNS transfer is complete?

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    I’m at 48 hours now, still waiting for my domain name server transfer to be complete so I can pay for domain mapping.
    I know it can take up to 72 hours so I am not worried but wondering what I will see when the transfer is complete?
    A wordpress.com page of some sort?

    Right now all I get is:
    Safari can’t open the page “http://www.cathyscholl.com/” because Safari can’t find the server “www.cathyscholl.com”.

    The blog I need help with is cathyschollfuturewebsite.wordpress.com.



    You’ll need to purchase the domain mapping upgrade in order to successfully complete the process, and you can leave your [blog].wordpress.com URL as the primary in case the domain has not yet fully propagated.



    Yes I understand but according to the instructions I am supposed to
    1-Update my domain’s name servers and then
    2-After the name server change takes effect go to Settings, etc…

    My question is…
    How do I know when the name server change has taken effect?
    The instructions say that when name servers are updated it can take up to 72 hours for the change to take full effect.
    So far it’s been 48 hours.
    Should I get some kind of notification that I am “connected” to wordpress when I type in the address I am trying to move?



    You can can safely skip past that step and then keep your primary set to [blog].wordpress.com until it’s ready, but you can also monitor your propagation progress at http://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/cathyscholl.com



    That’s very interesting! Too bad I have no idea what it means :)
    Does the fact that wordpress shows up in Dallas, Altanta and Paris mean the transfer is complete?

    Okay…so you are saying to go ahead and pay for the upgrade and then test out the site to see if it works?



    When your nameservers change, it can take that change up to 72 hours to propagate to all of the ISPs worldwide.

    At this time, http://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/cathyscholl.com is reporting the WordPress nameservers at two of its test centers: Seattle, WA, and Paris, France.

    At this point, I recommend just paying for the upgrade. If it doesn’t work for you, just set your primary back to the [blog].wordpress.com address until the change propagates to your ISP.


    I have a similar scenario, but the domain name transfer seems to be working. What is NOT working is the email. I’ve written customer support a number of times in the last day and haven’t received a single reply. My feeling is that they are writing back to the email address I no longer have access to.

    I’ve changed my profile’s email address since, but when I fill out the support form, it defaults to my original email address. My previous experience with Support has been quick replies, but since it’s been a day and I haven’t heard anything, my guess is the replies are going to the old address.

    So . . . my first hurdle is this: how can I be certain my questions are being answered if the email change doesn’t take? (Right now it says “The new address will not become active until confirmed.” But it doesn’t say how to confirm it.)

    The second, and more problematic hurdle, is about email. I mapped an existing domain to WP.com from Register.com. The people at Register.com say that WP has control of all functions, including email. I’ve read I should use Google Apps, so I set up an account with them (since my original email is gmail). I followed all their instructions and can’t figure out what’s wrong . . . and without any answers from WP, I can’t even access my email account.

    It seems like I have multiple issues, but the most pressing to me is the email, which is a requirement for my livelihood. Any suggestion on where to start?

    Thanks in advance.



    Ok macmanx I went ahead and paid for the upgrade.
    Before I paid only two sites were reporting the nameservers, now they all do….
    so all seems to be fine.

    The site and pages are all titled cathyscholl.com

    One remaining glitch (?) is that my dashboard is still titled “futuresite etc” the old title…can I do something to have my new domain name show on my dashboard too?

    Thanks alot!



    When we purchase domain mapping the URLs that appear in the Admin side of our blogs (dashboard) are the original “root” URLs. The wordpress.com root blog URLs that are displaying do not need “fixing” – what you see is “normal”.



    @ timethief, thanks.

    Okay, so it’s “normal” to see the root blog URL…but can anything be done to change it to match the new site title? Make it “abnormal?” :)



    No and why would you want to? Only you can see the URLs in the Admin area. Only you are aware of the domain mapping. Your visitors experience a seamless transfer from the any root blog URLs they click to the domain URLs. That’s what we pay for and that’s the way it works. If we do not renew our domain and domain mapping annually then all the domain URLs break and revert back to the “root” blog URLs.



    Ok, no problem.

    I wanted to do it only for my own enjoyment.
    I will be looking at the dashboard way more than I will the site so I like seeing the “correct” title…but I can live with the root URL if that’s the way it works.



    That’s the way it works and it cannot be changed.

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