what will my web address be?

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    I’m almost ready to publish my blog but I’m unclear about what the web address will be of my site. In all my personal settings it’s my username.wordpress.com – but I’d like the web address to be the title of my blog.wordpress.com – does that happen automatically? And if not how and where can I change it?


    The blog I need help with is amandaatdrumhead.wordpress.com.



    You can set the name on the Dashboard Settings->General page. Your URL already exists and it is http://amandaatdrumhead.wordpress.com/ but you can always create a new blog with the URL you want, as long as it has no spaces in it. You also have the option of a custom domain mapped to your blog, which costs $18 a year and gives you a Whatever.com or Whatever.org or Whatever.me address.



    Thanks – I didn’t want that URL, but wasn’t sure what I wanted the title of my blog to be when I started up so I just put something random in there, hoping I could change it later. So if I can’t do that – can I move my draft posts across to this new site quite easily?

    Thanks again



    Yes, you go to the dashboard Tools page and click Export and it makes an export file of your posts. Then on the new blog you go to the Tools page and click Import. Be sure to include all your media files in the export. Then just set the old blog to Private. It’s quite useful to have a private blog for testing themes and widgets.


    OK – that’s fab, thanks
    I’ll have a go – but may come back to you if I get into trouble.



    Hi rain coaster

    I have another problem now – I can’t access my site at all. It won’t accept my password and when I try to reset which I have several times – it won’t accept any of my resets . I’ve now had to create a new account just to log onto the forum. Help!


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