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What would happen to me if I stole work from someone elses blog/ site

  1. I just wanted to understand everything about this topic and one thing that is not clear here is what will happen to a someone who steals conent from another blog then ignores any notices given to him by the DMCA and other sites.

  2. It depends on how far that blogger will take the action against the blogger that stole the content it could end up in court if the blogger that had there content stolen trys all avenues and gets no where and decides to get a lawyer

  3. If you're writing a news thread and use an article from a news organization, just source cite it, as in "SOURCE: Los Angeles Times" and make a hyperlink. The pingback give the cite more traffic and readership and they usually appreciate it. I've made valuable contacts this way at the LA Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and the UK Guardian.

    If you see something on a individual blog and want to use it as a reference, what I do is something like "H/T: BlahBlahBlahBlog" or I will say, "Ben at BlueState hit the nail on the head when he wrote....." and then make a hyperlink to the blog. This will bring readers to that person's blog and you might just wind up being added to their blogroll.

    There is a lot if sharing in the blogoshere that doesn't meet the definition of theft.

  4. I saw your answers on my topic about the same issue, but I didn't really know what to tell you.

    Does the blog have any ads from Google? If so, you should first warn them that you're going to report them to Google, and then do so. It seems to have worked for me, although I'm still keeping an eye out for that blog that's been stealing people's posts.

  5. finickypenguin

    I'm pretty sure that you can use it if you make sure to link back to the original blog. If they follow the pingback, and want you to take it off, you should.

  6. Well, if you "stole" something for the purpose of calling it your own, the person you stole from would want you to remove what you stole... If on the other hand you mentioned them in the blog and used some of their content to describe how right/awesome they are in making that point then that should not be a problem.... (as the people above me have described)

    And as for using the DMCA notice and them ignoring it... HAH tell that to the splogger/scrapper sites that ignored me and are now shut down (3 and counting ;) )..

  7. clatskaniebooks

    Its called "plagiarism" and is not nice. Lawyers could get involved in worse-case scenarios.

    You are always allowed fair usage of a couple or few lines of some else's material if you quote and attribute it and then link to the entire piece.

    Most people will never find out, but the ones that care will politely ask you to cease and desist your stealing. They are the ones that will then threaten to sue you.

  8. K, thanks everyone, you have really helped.

  9. Do not take the entire post. You can quote, summarize, or snippet and link back and that's generally considered fair. People have been sued and even jailed for taking the entire post without permission.

  10. peanutmaster,

    Not to worry.

    Your not going to be jailed. We're not living in the Soviet Union. LOL!!!

  11. The normal course of action in such a situation (where the owner of a blog/web site ignores a valid DMCA notice) would be to send a DMCA notice to their web/blog hosting company. Most US based hosting companies will promptly remove the content identified in the notice.

    What happens at is: if we receive a valid DMCA notice about a post on your blog, we'll remove it as required and notify you. If it happens repeatedly, or if we believe it is likely to happen repeatedly, we'll consider suspending your blog (dealing with a DMCA notice costs us time and effort that we'd much rather spend helping bloggers who write their own stuff).

  12. There are people in prison in both the US and Canada for intellectual property theft. Bulgaria is the best place to live to get away with it, followed by China.

    Probably easier to paraphrase or quote.

  13. The blogger's question had absolutely nothing to do with intellectual property.

    Poor reading skills coupled with a good dose of hysteria is still no excuse for posting such drivel in order to bring attention to oneself.

  14. Take it to the blogs. Flamewars are great for hits but they don't belong in a technical forum.

    Taking posts from elsewhere and ignoring DMCA is indeed intellectual property theft. The first interaction I had directly with staff here was over an informal alert by the mentos and diet coke guys, and I could have lost my blog at the very least. It is not a service to the bloggers for you to downplay the seriousness of this issue.

  15. laurelmountainboro

    As a writers group blog we treat our work as "copywritten." However, if someone excerpts the first paragraph (eg. a post on TIME TO GO) and links, places it on their site and then links it back to us. This increases traffic to our site, and is a good marketing technique, a good way for others to "find" us. I also appreciate other sites doing this with my site ( posts like A PASTOR'S ROLE IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and MOXIE.
    On the other hand, we use other writer's articles and use them for instructional purposes (How to Market Your Book Online), excerpt parts, and comment on them. We ALWAYS link to the articles we are using. I also used excerpts from comments on an article about the lawsuit against Best Buy, categorized them and commented on them. It's sometimes walking a fine line when using other people's material.
    What I and the Beanery Writers Group members would strenuously object to is other sites using our material and not linking back to us, posting our material in its entirety, or claiming the writings on a post as their own. We do not do this ourselves. This would be unethical, and theft.
    Carolyn C. Holland, Group facilitator

  16. laurelmountainboro

    Oops---the previous post from laurelmountainboro was meant to come from! So Sorry! Carolyn C. Holland

  17. Raincoaster,

    You seem to have an inordinate amount of time to loiter around the forum pretending you're a staffer.

    You are not a staffer and the sooner people realize this fact, the better it will be. Now run along and do something useful.

  18. I think that raincoaster is an excellent asset to the forums. She has helped many people in many ways and it would be to the loss of us all should she go and do something less useful than being here. I have also never seen raincoaster to pretend to be anything.

    Disagreeing with someone constructively is fine. Having a go at them because you disagree in some way is not the right thing to do in these forums. As has been said (by raincoaster) it should be taken to a blog.

  19. Thanks Mark. How am I supposed to grow my blog when the flamewars are all in the forum?

  20. From my past experiences with my past celebrity blog, other celebrity blogs just want a clickable link back. Even if the blog paid for the pictures, just link back. But those are celebrity and entertainment blogs. I don't know about personal blogs though. And if you get an email from a photo agency, damn better take those pictures down quick!

  21. And if you "take" an article, take it from like a very big paper like the New York Post or LA Times or whatever. Because they never email anyone for posting their stories. But link back.

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