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What would 'upgrading' affect?

  1. Hi Guys

    I was wondering whether anyone could help me please.

    I want to 'upgrade' and change my to just but would that mean I lost the ability to post on the WP Forum and the traffic/support that comes from being a user?

    Also I wanted to add a banner the top of my site and jazz the layout out a bit, I think this is called CCS?, but I wouldnt have a clue how to do it, but could pay someone asap to do it if they could.

    Thank you for reading :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you purchase a domain name by purchasing a domain mapping upgrade nothing changes except the site URL ie. the domain name.
    see here >
    and here >

    When you purchase a custom design upgrade you get Staff support for customizing the appearance of a theme >

  3. TT thank you so much for the reply! It was very helpful.

  4. You're welcome. :)

  5. I left a comment on the second link, (your blog?), should I have posted it here, as it'd resolve my query. :)

  6. Yes that's my blogging tips blog which is also linked to my username. I'm happy to hear my post was useful. :)

  7. Nice!

    I wanted to ask, that if I switch, do the urls which bring traffic to my site, become lost even for a period? ie there are some image links which generate a lot of traffic to it, which I am loathe to lose.

    The WP says one thing, but maybe I misunderstood your post, as it says another. :)

  8. The reason we purchase domain mapping is so when the original URLs are clicked anywhere on the interent they seamlessly redirect to the same content under the new domain URLs.

  9. Ah I see! Thank you! All worries not resolved re this issue. you are a star! thanking you

  10. Thanks to you I am going to upgrade right now! :-D WP should give you a cut of the $18 lol

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