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What would WordPress do in this situation?

  1. I just downloaded this free trial for image editing and I think it optimizes. But it will give a large image but where it says pixels, do I put a much lower number for it to be optimized? Is that how optimizing happens? By lowering the pixel count even though the image is a large image:

  2. I'd ignore the pixels bit. is free and very good.

  3. I got rid of the pixel one. They didn't do the width the same on every picture. I downloaded the Irfanview but couldn't figure out how to do the batch conversion. One by one was working but couldn't do batch. So now I downloaded Image Resizer Pro 2006. And it works real well. Thanks for all the help!

  4. One of my clients recommended this site about copyright if anyone is interested. I'm going thru this crud now with three sites who have refused to remove older works of mine. Lots of fun. :(

  5. Things not to do:

    Take an entire article out of The Onion and pasting it into your blog without a link back to the original article. Heck, copying and pasting the entire article is pretty much a nono. :)

    Oh Podz....

  6. Am I in trouble here for something? I have a disclaimer on the top of my site saying I get my information from other sources. And I link back. It's not like I'm making any money from my site.

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