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What would you do differently on my blog design?

  1. Hello, I've finally reached a comfortable place concerning the set up of my new photoblog. Its not perfect, but I think its workable. However I am open to criticisms and suggestions. If you were me, what would you do differently?

    Also I am also looking for some fellow photoblogs to follow. Any hints how to find them?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not to have the music start when visitors come to the page. It's like walking into a shopping mall, drives me insane.

  3. lol ok I guess I can stop the autoplay...

  4. :)

  5. Is it just my computer or is the type really small?

  6. oops, that got sent too quick... Are you using an automatic camera? I like the Buffalo shots -been there. Brrr, it's cold!

  7. gigi,
    the font is very tiny. I just hit control + on my computer to make it bigger to read.

  8. Hey, I didn't know that. Thanks! By the way, I added a msg to the E-cigarettes thread and the forum says you were the last one to post. Your comment was right on the money.

  9. are you sure your msg went through because there's nothing after my comment???
    Oh and your welcome, that was something I learned here in the wordpress forums. neat little trick huh?

  10. OK, last post on this. I don't want to take over livegreenly's thread.

    Bats, I'm seeing my post clearly on that thread and I just added it to the copied one called "Four Benefits of E-cigarettes." You don't see it?

  11. haha I am using a Samsung point and shoot digital camera and yup Buffalo is FRIGID right now brrrrr

    Were you saying my fonts are too small?

  12. Hi livegreenly... Your fonts are too small...that sounds funny. If you're a guy, you might take that the wrong way, right? It's hard to see them but I'm not 20 anymore so, you know, what can I say. I hit control + like Bats said to do and I can see very well now, thank you very much.

    I shuffled off to Buffalo with a couple of friends from NYC to see Niagara Falls in the 80's. That's all I know of Buffalo. Point and shoot sounds like an automatic. I have a point and shoot, then.

  13. ugh get rid of your music pronto, itll scare away more viewers than receive them.

  14. I kinda like the music...

  15. lol I am getting mixed views on the music. Many of my contacts when they gave feedback on the blog, also mentioned liking the music. I am going to stop the auto play soon :)

    Another thing, Anyone knows if instead of the main picture on my home page, I can use a slideshow of the exact same size?

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