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What WP-plugin do i need for this ?

  1. Hi.
    I have reasontly made a new wp blogg/web and one of the pages is called V.I.P.
    Since i am a composer/songwriter for alots of bands i like the V.I.P page to be a login
    (user/pass) page. They first have to mail me for access and i´ll send them a password. When login, they will see the songs (mp3) and feel free to download.

    This is for bands and record company´s so they can download my music.
    Is there a wp plugin for this ?

    I hope for an answer :)


  2. Is your blog with If it is, we can't use plugins as we don't have the kind of access blogs running software have. If you're self-hosted with .org, you'd be better off asking for help over at

    If you are with, your best option might be to create a password protected post or page so that people need to log into it, and they need to ask for the password from you first. This FAQ might help.

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