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What you like other to blog that you may never blog

  1. There are some topics I may not blog but I would like to read other people blog posts if it's well written with good photos:

    northern lights/aurora bourealis
    visiting/living in the world's largest deserts
    visiting/living in Canadina Arctic
    alpine /mountain flowers
    underwater sea life ( I don't swim.)
    Shells and biologica life
    seaweed (so many types)
    cycling trips (to places I've never cycled before)
    art of western calligraphy --traditional & innovative contemporary designs
    other people's mountain snowshoeing trips
    art of Asian, Arabic Judaic calligraphy
    stained glass art
    and other stuff. :D
    being bilingual/multiplingual / language acquisition
    cross-cultural differences in humour / satire /parody

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry for the errors today. I really need to go take shower now. Long day.

  3. I just like people to be themselves in their blogs - the content pretty much comes second. If the blog is by someone who can write well, connect well with other people, and they don't vanish for months on end, I'm usually there reading it.

  4. I usually love reading movie review sites. I personally am never going to really blog about movies, since they take two hours of my time which I don't have. Plus I don't have the patience to sit down and watch movies on a regular basis.

    But I do love reading (and in the case of vlogs, watching) opinions, which is why I tend to lurk a lot of movie review sites. I love reading and listening about bad movies (like FoyWonder, Jabootu, and Phelous). I love long deconstructions (Red Letter Media). I love takes on modern movies (Fogs Movie Reviews and the AV Club). It's become that I'm really well versed in many movies I've never seen, which surprises a lot of my friends when I can recount entire plot plots. I don't care if I'm spoiled or not. I just love reading people's opinions and how they communicated and back up those opinions.

    I guess you could say I'm much more of a fan of reviews than a fan of movies. :)

  5. I would read anything Sherlock Holmes related.

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