Whatis a side bar?

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    I have been trying to use WordPress for a few weeks now and it looks like have not done anything as far as website goes. My problem is I can figure out how to add widgets and put them where I want them. I want to remove the blog from my home page. I have no idea what a sidebar is because every time I add a widget to some sidebar and then go check my page to see what changes it made, I see nothing has changed. I am seriously lost on how to set up my website.

    The blog I need help with is beachtripjimmy.wordpress.com.



    Your sidebar on the theme you’re using is where you see “Recent Posts” and “Archives”, both of which are widgets.

    When you’re on the ‘widget page’, drag a widget over to the sidebar — like the calender, or the Follow Blog widget. They’ll open automatically so you can adjust them then, once you save them, they’ll appear in your sidebar once you reload your blog.

    WordPress has an excellent tutorial, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at it:




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