Whats a pingback??

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    oh i posted something in my blog and when i go to the dashboard, there is this thing that says “pingback:….”. what is that??


    My search for “pingback” in the FAQ brought back several hits in the forums and in the FAQ:


    Basically when you link to someone in a post, when you publish it a “ping” is sent out to the other site letting them know you have linked to them in a post. Their site then visits your site to verify the ping and when it finds it, it leaves a pingback.


    oh but i didn’t link to other people. i only linked my own post to another one of my post. it still has a pingback and this is even shown on “recent comments” widget. how come??



    It does that anytime a post is linked to another post–even your own.



    And can be a handy way for your readers to see that there’s new information available on a topic. If you don’t want pingbacks to your own posts to happen, then write out a relative URI and not an absolute URI.




    We can set each and every post to pingback or not as we choose. Moreover, we can stop self-pingbacks this way too and the same applies to trackbacks http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/04/23/can-i-stop-self-pings/



    Personally, I find pingbacks are really nice to have (since it sounds like you’re new :)

    Not only can I see who has linked to me, but often I find that when people “steal” my content, they scoop all the links–which then notify me of the theft via pingback.

    You can also choose to delete the pingbacks in the comments, if you want the notification, but don’t want them to display.



    (Eventually I’ll understand the difference between a pingback and a backtrack, but by that time I’ll be old and gray.

    Oh, wait a minute, I already am old and gray!) :D


    oh ok i get it now. thx guys =]



    You’re welcome and happy blogging. :)

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