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  1. Hey I've been blogging for about 7months now and reached 500 views today...
    The last few months I've neglected blogging so I wanna catch up on wats going on!
    so whose blog should I check out?
    I'm into Literature, music and blogs based on difficult life experiences.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Congratulations on reaching 500! My blog is about life experiences of varying kinds so I'd be honoured if you paid a visit.

  3. My blog is my life, I recently knocked someone out, so that's always a fun read. Congrats on 500 views.

  4. Thank you both! Ill visit both your blogs. they both sound interesting....
    Kinda in a block my friends are getting depressed by my sad writing and my parents are probably worried about my sanity but there nothing inspiring about butterflies and rainbows....
    Anybody help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations. As an aspiring writer I write about many things. My blog concentrates on humor, and many of the silly things we encounter every day. Good luck.

  6. New post out today written while i should have been listening to my Biology lecture...
    oh well. the poem's called Timeless

  7. @silent0antagonist
    You are using the Structure theme and I think you have an empty box on the front page of your blog because you don't know how that theme operates. Please see here.

  8. I'm working on a new story that I'm going to post on my blog soon.
    Titled 'The Party' and it is about a college student that was invited to join a group that has her instincts telling her to run...
    NO! its not vampires or werewolves...i repeat not not vampires
    please give it a read as soon as part 1 is out.

  9. @silent0antagonist
    Did you read the post I linked to above? Your blog still has a big white empty space where your featured image in your featured category ought to be appearing.

  10. @TT - maybe it's a statement of emptiness! ;)

  11. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    Check out my blog. It's called Nerd Adventures.

    I'm around 450-ish hits after a month.

  12. yes timethief i saw your link. thank you
    I've been looking to post a picture i took myself but have not gotten around to doing so but thanks again for the advice, its much appreciated.
    @ rglee98 I like the title Nerd Adventures. i will definitely check it out.

  13. Reached 600 view yesterday yay!
    New post out today. A Poem Universal Cure

    Yesterday I posted the 1st part of a short story I'm working on. The Party Never Stops
    Its about college life from a dark, creepy point of view.

  14. Don't check out my blog. It's all about stuff and stuff. you wouldn't like it.

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