What’s going on with structure theme?

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    I use structure theme on this blog. It was listed in themes under appearance as a free theme. Started having trouble with it last week. Can’t delete a page and drop down menus not working. Just checked theme and it is no longer listed on in the themes options. It appears to now be a paid theme! Does this mean I need to change my theme? I don’t recall seeing anything about this theme being deleted from wordpress.com options and can’t find anything about is in forums. HELP!

    The blog I need help with is coldwatercafe.com.


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    The theme of the blog linked to your name is using Modularity Lite.

    Are you asking about another blog? Structure is still available for wp.com blogs, though if you are using it, then you won’t see it listed: you see only other themes available to you.

    If you are asking about another blog, then we need a link, starting with http://



    I’m referring to http://coldwatercafe.com. My drop down menus aren’t working and I can’t seem to delete a page that I have listed across the top.



    I can confirm that no drop-downs are appearing. That means you will have to contact Staff directly by filing a support ticket. Here’s the link > http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    @rogerfields It looks like you have a Custom Menu set up for that site. To delete pages from the menu, or to add subpages (which will show up as drop-downs) visit Appearance > Menus and edit the menu settings there.

    More help on using menus can be found here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/



    Thanks for the help! Didn’t realize that creating a custom menu would effect the drop down menus across the top. I was trying to create it for the right side bar only but wanted to keep top page listing the same. Thanks for the help. I’ve changed it back.


    @rogerfields: You can create two different custom menus, then select the one for the top nav (in the Theme Locations module) and the other for the sidebar (in the CM widget).


    I have a similar problem. I am using a theme, called Blx, but cannot add all of the widgets I need to it. Now I want to just go back to the original settings, but it seems that the only way to get rid of the them is by adding a new one. Is this true? Does anyone know how to add widgets to this? THANKS!



    The site linked to your name is an empty blog using the 2010 Theme – we need a link to the site in question beginning with http before we can provide help

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