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what's happening?

  1. Am I the only one? Access to dashboard painfullly slow, repeated error 404, link categories that do not display?

  2. You're not alone, all my posts have been coming up 404 errors for over 5 hours now. The feed shows up ok on my other site tho blog test

  3. You're not alone, all my posts have been coming up 404 errors for over 5 hours now. The feed shows up ok on my other site tho blog test

    And a 408 timeout error on this post.

  4. Looks like all my post are not visible too. Althought they're still there, in the dashboard.

  5. everything back to normal now

  6. lucky you! It's a real mess on my side.

  7. Errors just happen randomly now. Changes every minute The whole blog looks like a mega piece of crap. I'm completely baffled and demoralized. :(

  8. Yeah, could someone please say what's going on? All my pages are gone, and my comments section in the dashboard shows nothing.

  9. I just created and I'm stuck in limbo... Cant login and cant confirm the new blog through the emailed link, things just not working, when I logged in I get a 404.

    I'm sure the ship will be righted soon enough, just some patience :):)

  10. everything back to normal except for the last category I created. Weird

  11. I do notice that after logging into the dashboard, the URL shows up incorrectly and results in a 404 page.

    displays in the browser address when it should be

  12. None of mine is back to normal still no posts still the pages are gone. An still extremely slow.

  13. I shouldn't have rejoiced so fast. Brought bad luck. Complete mess again.

  14. "You're not alone, all my posts have been coming up 404 errors..."

    Mine too!
    //EDIT: Not all posts. Just the front page.
    //EDIT 2: Now it's back to normal.
    //EDIT 3: EDIT 2 was wrong.
    //EDIT 4: EDIT 2 was right.

  15. Lots of 408s, general doggedness, and an apparent database problem/crash as the wordpress app was up but wouldn't display any posts. Is there an admin in the house? It's almost (gulp!) like being over at Blogger. ;)

  16. Edit 2 was wrong :)

  17. All my posts are gone, can't see them even in the dashboard. What's going on? :-(

  18. It's probably just a small server hiccup. You can be assured Matt and Donncha are hard at work on the hiccups.

  19. Dog slow for me too in the UK - some times. I suspect that it is every admins nightmare an intermittant fault.
    I hope it is beacause of a major feature launch but I fear it is a feature launch gone wrong!
    I also hope that there is a post acknowledging the issue soon.

  20. too slow...gosh... :(

  21. There was a DoS attack on signups, things were slow while things caught up. Should be getting faster now and will continue to as Friday goes on.

  22. a DoS attack? Hackers? grrrr :-((

  23. Well thank goodness everything will ok, have had to have alot of patience today LOL!

  24. I guess the hackers didn't like the fact that Matt is so cool! :)

  25. Excelent. Now we know what is going on. Good luck fighting them off. Keep up the good work.

  26. Now i feel sorry cuz i blamed on fault... :)

  27. Everything should be back to normal now, drop us a note in the feedback form if it isn't.

  28. nodependenciesnologo

    Wow. Real slow yesterday (no errors here though) but things seem to be back to their fantastic normal self today!

    This is great service people! Thanks and keep it up!

  29. same as wcdctest1, I feel a bit bad cause I was kind of angry about WordPress getting buggy when the people in charge were busy fighting against web thugs.

    I guess one gets angry when something great doesn't work

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