What's happening to my blog?

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    I am being flooded with spam on even with filters. all from bing accounts.this has never been an issue until about 2 months ago. i contacted wordpress, not a peep from you. thanks so much. it has only become worse.

    also, all of a sudden i click on one of my images, like i always have, and i can no longer share it. why? it gives me this useless camera info now. When did this happen and when will you fix it?

    if changes are going to be made to my site i must know. Traffic has dropped significantly in the past two weeks bc i rely on the share button for tumblr, twitter,stumbleupon,etc.

    hopefully you get your act together bc this has sucked and your phone app has been all sorts of useless at just the most critical times.

    The blog I need help with is jaynesurrena.net.



    To get rid of the EXIF data: Dashboard > Settings > Media > unclick “Show photo metadata in carousel, when available”

    Mostly, when you’re in the Forum, you’re writing to Volunteers. We have nada to do with WordPress policy.

    If you want to keep up with the changes, you need to read the WordPress blog:


    As for the spam… spam is spam. We all get them. If they get past your filter, mark it as spam so Akismet can learn from its mistake.

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